Osteopathy for Frozen Shoulder reduces pain and recovers mobility

Have you even experienced Frozen shoulder? The inability to move your shoulder combined with chronic pain? We can offer help with our progressive and gentle frozen shoulder treatment. Frozen should affects 2% of the population and occurs without rhyme or reason.


In some of the more serve cases frozen shoulder requires surgery but this is rare. In most cases Osteopathy and massage will ease the pain and regain movement. However, the road to wellness and health often depends on the patient, the extent of the injury.

What is frozen shoulder and how can Osteopathy help?

Frozen shoulder is also known as adhesive capsulitis. It is an injury that causes stiffness and pain in the shoulder reason. To the extent that it can cease mobility completely. This injury effects approx. 2% of the population, mainly men and mainly men between 40 – 60 years of age.


Frozen should is the shoulder capsule and soft tissue thickening and hardening. The thickening of the soft tissue in this area leaves the patient with a reduced range of movement. This in turn leads to a reduction of synovial fluid in the capsule, which in turn cause pain when moving the joint. Eventually the joint has very limited mobility and this is what we call frozen shoulder.


At this point in time, we do not know why this injury occurs. There are studies that show it is more common in patients that suffer from diabetes. Other theories include that frozen should occurs due to small fractures and other injuries.

Either which way to treat frozen should Osteopathy works. Osteopathy for frozen shoulder helps reduce the pain in the first place. Secondary it helps to improve mobility and strength in the shoulder area. These improvements are due to specific massage techniques and gentle exercises.

Frozen shoulder has 3 phases and an Osteopathy treatment will be different in each phase.

1 – increased pain and reduce mobility

2 – reduced pain and reduced mobility to the previous phase

3 – reduced pain and increased mobility


Advantages Osteopathy for frozen shoulder


Beside reducing pain and helping to improve mobility and strength in the shoulder. Osteopathy for frozen shoulder is a treatment that offer many other advantages both pre and post injury. The treatments are holistic so keep the areas around the shoulder healthy, preventing any secondary issues after the patient has recovered from frozen shoulder.

Osteopathy is an alternative treatment to traditional medicinal but in many cases, such as frozen shoulder Osteopathy treatments are combined with traditional medical treatments. Recover time usually takes between 6 weeks and 3 months. It is normal to start Osteopathy sessions are the first 2 weeks. Treatments can include massage, heat, mobilization techniques, structural realignment and even on occasion electrotherapy

Osteopathy for frozen shoulder is often said to help patients emotionally as well as physically. The treatment is calming and often generate a sensation of wellness as well as the health benefits. So, there are no doubts if you suffer from Frozen should contact us at Simplybe and let us help you on your road to health and recovery.

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