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Join our centre and enjoy the best Pilates with machines in Barcelona. Whatever your physical condition and your aspirations as an athlete, with us you will find a wide range of services that will suit all your needs.

Start, or deepen, in a physical activity, Pilates, which is changing millions of people around the world. In a few weeks you will see that your physical abilities and aptitudes will ostensibly improve, and with it, your self-esteem. Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us.

Our Pilates Centre in Barcelona

We offer a wide variety of group and individual activities, but always focusing on Pilates and the benefits of this sport. With or without machines, to lose weight or to promote a better pregnancy. Whatever your interest, here you will find the most relevant routine to achieve good results.

Types of machines we work with in our classes

At the centre we work with the Reformer. This machine is the most widespread in the Pilates world. Its correct use helps to strengthen your muscles and improve your posture. Due to their design, Reformers contribute to the gaining of body strength.

These machines are perfect for athletes with extensive experience in Pilates, but also for people who are just starting out, as they are so complete that they adapt to numerous possibilities of work, both individually and in pairs.

We are considered specialists in Pilates Reformer classes. Find out more.

The different Pilates machine classes we offer

The range of Pilates machine classes on offer includes group activities, individual sessions, activities for pregnant women and slimming training. In all of them the focus is on the same issue, strengthening muscle capacity, gaining mobility and flexibility and transferring these positive aspects to mental health and the ability to relax.

Group Pilates classes with machines

The group classes consist of a body education in which the body is worked as a whole. The aim is to strengthen and make the body’s muscles more flexible in order to find a better balance between body and mind. All this with the help of experienced instructors and the use of Reformer machines.

Group Pilates classes in Barcelona

Individual Pilates classes with machines
Individual classes have a similar aim to group classes, but the focus is on personalised and more specific training. They are often attended by people who need to overcome injuries or are undergoing rehabilitation or who have received a medical prescription to improve their posture.

Individual Pilates classes in Barcelona

Pilates classes with machines for pregnant women
Another variation in our centre are the sessions for pregnant women. With this training, pregnant women learn alignment techniques, balance techniques and breathing techniques. In addition, they gain emotional balance and adapt better to the hormonal changes inherent to this state of life.

our pilates classes for pregnant women

Pilates with weight loss machines
The third possibility is to visit our slimming centre. With us you can get rid of those extra kilos by accompanying your training with healthy eating habits. Breathing exercises, improving your posture and strengthening your core are ideal for this purpose.

What are the benefits of Pilates with machines?

Pilates can be practised without the help of devices, using only the body to achieve muscle improvement, or with the help of machines, such as the Reformer. These machines are the most popular, as they optimise the good results of the training. Here are some of the benefits of these routines.

Facilitates movement
Protects the spine
Regulates intensity
Accelerates injury recovery and rehabilitation
Increases accuracy of movement
Improves abdominal work

Frequently asked questions

In this section we would like to answer all your questions about Pilates as a physical conditioning exercise. If you do not find the answer to your questions, do not hesitate to contact us or visit us directly at our facilities.

What is Pilates with machines?

Pilates with machines involves the use of apparatus such as Reformer devices for the practice of exercises and movements. It is particularly suitable for people who suffer an injury or pathology and are in the process of recovery. In addition, with machines it is more comfortable to perform the exercises, as it is less demanding on the body. This same positive aspect can be used in the opposite direction, increasing the body load if requested by the athlete.


Which is better: Pilates on machines or on the floor?

There is no universal answer to this question, although there are characteristics of both formulas that can help you to choose one or the other. Pilates on the floor is more accessible, as you can do it directly at home, with the help of a mat. However, it is not as useful for rehabilitation exercises, it requires more physical and mental work and can be more aggressive for the body.

Pilates with machines offers more variety of exercises, facilitates the execution of certain movements and is more appropriate for overcoming muscular injuries. On the other hand, it is advisable to put yourself in the hands of experienced instructors, as we do in our centre. In addition, the sessions are held in larger spaces.

I have an injury, can I do Pilates with machines?

Yes, you can go to a Pilates centre with machines to recover from an injury. The high quality Reformer type machines are designed to facilitate and extend the degree of mobility, but they should only be used by users who are familiar with this technique or by sportsmen and women who have professional advice.

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