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Massages with English speaking massauers

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Massages with English speaking massauers so you can get exactly what you need from your massage session.

Massage therapy is more than a feel good “treat”. It can be a strong and effective treatment for your overall wellbeing. Massage is more than pampering it is a form of maintaining your health.

In the past massage was commonly thought of as alternative therapy and sats outside the world of traditional medicine. However, the effectiveness and benefits of massage, especially for relieving muscle tension and stress has meant that over the last 10 years massage therapy has been recommended alongside and even incorporated into a wide range of medical conditions and situations.

In addition to being an effective relief from muscular and stress issues massage has also had positive findings when being studied as a tool to help prevent or reduce anxiety or depression. Human touch, in a safe environmennt such as a registered health and massage center releases a hormone called dopamine. Dopamine improves your overall mood reducing anxiety and soothing problems like depression. Research has also shown that regular massages can help improve bad sleep patterns and facilitate better digestion.

Massages with English speaking massauers, we also speak spanish, french and catalan

Our most popular massages

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A sports massage is a massage not only to help athletes to maintain and even improve their performance in their chosen sport, but also helps the recovery and prevention of torn muscles. Many sports people suffer from an over use of their muscles which can lead to muscular stress and strain

A sports massage is a strong massage working deep into the muscle tissue. Professionals and amateur athletes can both benefit from a sports massages. If you are suffering, or have suffered from an injury that has not quite recovered we recommend a weekly massage. If you are not injured a bi-weekly or monthly massages is often the right amount to keep your muscles healthy. Timeframes dependent on the amount of sports undertaken weekly.

Come and try one of our wellness massages in our quiet and relaxing environment. All our masseurs are highly qualified. For more information for a Massages with English speaking masseurs in Barcelona in our beautiful wellness center click here

A deep Tissue massage is our speciality and involves deep long strokes aimed at targeting the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. A Deep tissue massage helps prevent and heal injuries, scar tissue and more chronic problems such as fibromyalgia and sciatica. A deep tissue massage is intense and slow at the same time and is ideal for people who suffer from muscle tension. We pride ourselves on offering you the client the intensity you need during the massage. A deep tissue massage is not suitable during pregnancy. Becuase a deep tissue muscle is slow a full body deep tissue massage requires 90 minutes.

A Chiro massage can be used for many different purposes. Some of the benefits of such a wellness massage are as follows: The massage improve the body’s circulatory function, improve range of movement or simply improve mobility. This specific massage technique helps heal damaged muscles tissue, alleviate and / or reduces muscular pain and tension, and aids increase sensory awareness.Massages with English speaking massauers

A Chiro massage is very different from a relaxation massage as it serves both to maintain wellness and prevent potential muscle inflexibility.We recommend that you purchase a series of massages to get a full effect of the massage and so that body has time to develop new habits.

Lymph drainage is a gentle massage with longwave like strokes that activate the lymph system. This relaxing yet therapeutic massage acts to help the body reduce toxins and fluid. A lymph massage is detoxicating and in cases of pre and post operation can help reduce the risk of infection.

Our Mobilization massage is great for those who have been suffering from “tightness” and “stiffness” A Mobilization massage is a mix of either a relaxation massage of a deep tissue massage. You choose what you need on the day. The massage tecnique you choose is combined with soft tissue tecniques that break down hard muscle tisuue releasing the facia which helps to reduce the sense of tightness and adds a freeing feeling, more flexible body. Our mobilization massages also encourages fluid production in the joints from gentle mobility and stretching performed by your massage therapist. The mobilization increases fluid flow and enables a better range of movement as well as offering a sense of relief from feeling stiff. Click here to book your massage or for more infomation

Our Post operation massage aids a healthy and speedy recovery. Our post operation massage consists of 3 main techniques, lymph drainage massage which helps reduce toxins, fluid and reduces the risk of infection, cross fibre massage, a technique that reduces or prevents scar tissue and Myofascial massage rebalancing the body in terms of range of movement, and elasticity. For more information on our pre and post operation massages click here

Enjoy a relaxation massage and disconnect from the stress and worries of daily life. Our relaxation massages include a range of therapeutic oils and will revigorated and regenerate your mind and body. A relaxation massage is a sensory experience as well as treating the musclar system to revieve tension and often stiff blocked joints. Our relaxation massages leaves the client in a state of blissful re-balance.

Choose from a relaxation massage to a more vigorous healing massage such as a deep tissue massage.You and your couple can decide on same or different massages. A couples massage is the perfect way to enjoy time with a friend or loved one while reaping all the benefits of a massage with our professional massage therapist.

An Osteopathy treatment is a little more than a massage. The first treatment consists of an assessment, after your Osteopath will undertake an exploratory massage identifying any areas that are contributing to your pain. An Osteopathy treatment is holistic and often an Osteopathy assessment will identify a chain of structural and musclar imbalance which has lead to your pain and discomfort. The treatment then consists of a massage, mobilization and adjustment where necessary. For more information about the benefits of Osteopath

A California massage is a psych corporal approach to massage. It is equally a physical massage as it is psychological and emotional. It is adapted from the famous Swedish massage. The california massage relives muscle tension, improves the  lymph system, increases blood flow and releases buried emotions. This massage is typically 90 minutes and is suitable for everyone. Please note this massage is priced differently from our other massages

Our pre-natal and post-parto massage is a gentle but effective way of treating the aches and pains that come with pregnancy. Our pregnancy massage can treat a wide range of problems from tension to sciatica. Post-natal our massages specialize is helping new mums get a better bounce back, especially around the hips and belly.

A anti cellulite massage can be used for beauty purposes or for more serious circulation problems. An anti cellulite massage encourages the breakdown of fats as well as the movement and eventually disposal of liquids.

An anti-cellulite massage is a relaxing massage performed with oils and or creams and offers instant relief for those with liquid retention. After a series of sessions of anti cellulite massages, you will see a visible improvement to skin as it looks and feels more toned and smooth.

Come and try one of our healing massages in our quiet and relaxing environment. All our masseurs are highly qualified. For more information for a massage Massages with English speaking masseurs in barcelona in our beautiful center click here

Thai massage, also called lazy mans yoga, has been used for healing purposes in Thailand for thousands of years. Even today it is commonly found in Thai hospitals as part of treatment.

The massage is given on a padded floor mat which allows the therapist to manipulate the body working from feet up. The therapist stretches, flexes, and bends the body to free up tension and promote flexibility. A rocking movement and breathing technique is incorporated into the massage, along with acupressure and trigger point techniques.

Our masseurs are professionala nd friendly. For more information for a massage Massages with English speaking masseurs in barcelona in our beautiful center click here

Stretch massage is a southern thai massage in its purest form. The massage focuses on the kneading and stretching the client to warm the muscles, release tension, and promote flexibility. However, it does not employ acupressure in the massage which is the difference between thai and stretch.

The massage is relaxing and leaves the client feeling supple and relaxed. A Stretch massage is suitable for all clients, especially those who have posture problems or have suffered from a recent injury.

Thai and stretch massage is recommended at least once a month to be effective and clients are advised to wear loose comfortable clothing. All our masseurs are highly qualified. For more information for a Massages with English speaking masseurs in Barcelona in our beautiful center click here

We also offer a home massage service. Enjoy a massage in the comfort of your home, work space or tourist accommodation. We provide everything you need from the towels to the music if you desire. Now you can enjoy a massage at home without the organisation or travel time. You can choose from a male or female massage therapist. All our therapists are vetted and highly qualified.

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At Simplybe Pilates, Osteopathy and Massage we provide a caring and professional massage experience. For a massage in Barcelona or if you have any questions we are always happy to help.

Please note that some of our massages such as the stretch massage and the Thai massage will need comfortable and loose clothing. If you have allergies or any health issues please be sure to let us know before your treatment

We recommend combining your massage routine with Pilates classes to help maintain your overall wellness

Please fill in the form prior to your massage. We can treat you to the best of our abilities.

Your wellness, our therapeutic and relaxation Massages with English speaking massauers in the heart of Barcelona.

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