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    Select any morning pilates class or lunchtime pilates class, and GET 20% CASH BACK FOR THE FIRST 2 MONTHS WITH ANY OFF PEAK PLAN.
    Get more out of your daytime classes with our small group classes promise. Combine the small class size with our amazing and experienced teachers offering PERSONALISED correction for each exercise. All this for 20 CASH BACK off any monthly membership!
    Pay less, Our morning pilates classes and lunchtime pilates classes are mat classes that may include pilates balls, rollers and bands

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    Get the body you want without any sign up fees or contract. Enjoy a dynamic Pilate’s class in a welcoming environment in the center of Barcelona and suitable for all levels.We offer reduced group mat classes in ENGLISH and Spanish WITH flexible membershipPilates with Simplybe, Strong, toned and posture perfect. 

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    Enjoy a dynamic Pilate’s class in a welcoming environment. Our classes have only 6 – 8 students so weather your objective is fitness or improvement you will get the attention you need. Get in the game and see what we are all about! * Please note Pregnancy trial classes are 15€. Pilates in Barcelona for all levels

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    Pilates in Barcelona with Pilates Reformer, a great method for creating long lean muscles, improving posture as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation. Private reformer classes are recommended for anyone with health issues to those who want to improve fitness levels. Reserve your trial class and chose the body you want with Private Pilate’s reformer classes. *offer valid for your intial 10 classes

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Why Pilates in Barcelona with SimplybePilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise and rehabilitation that focused on strengthening, improving flexibility and mindfulness. The slow controlled movements tone your body giving you a great shape. Pilates also re-educate your body improving range of movement, posture and balance.

Introduce Pilates into your life!  Pilates Near Me !

Pilates is an exercise method that betters your quality of life today as well as keeping you healthy and more capable for later life. There are many types of Pilates today from classic, contemporary to fusion. At Simplybepilates offer Pilates in Barcelona using the comprehensive training by Stott PilatesStott is an internationally recognized pilates school and has more than 67,000 Pilates instructors worldwide.

The Stott method has proven to be highly effective as a fitness and rehabilitation exercise method. Our instructors complete over 800 hours of training and years of experience so that our clients get the very best care and achieve your goals.

We aim to create a feeling of trust, empathy and respect in our Pilates studio without overstepping boundaries or compromising our professionalism

Our group classes are small so that we can take the time to show each of our clients the correct way to perform the exercise. We understand that each of our clients need attention so that they can benefit form the classes as much as possible. Our small class size allows us to offer our clients just that, the most from their classes.

At Simplybepilates we keep our classes fun and challenging by offering different exercises for each class. Our pilates classes are designed depending on the clients in the class that day. As we know our clients we are able to highlight the different kinds of exercises that work best for different physical limitations or issues.

More than and exercise routine, it is a way of life. Pilates is suitable for all fitness levels, ages and gender.

Benefits of Pilates in Barcelona with Simplybe Pilates

  • Improves strength, muscle tone and flexibility
  • Core strength and balance
  • Pilates pregnancy care, as well as post-parto recovery
  • Tone and burn fat with fusion classes such as barre pilates injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Reduces general aches and pains
  • Relaxes and calms the mind,
  • Aids sleep

Don´t take our word for our success, check out our reviews.

Pilates, Massage and Osteopathy Studio and Home 

massage and osteopathy barcelona

We understand that sometime it is difficult to come to the studio whether that’s because of your busy lifestyle, or your inability to travel comfortably or safely. At Simplybepilates we believe that wellness should be incorporated into your life, rather than a luxury or time to time necessity. To make that as easy as we can for you, we now offer Pilates, Massage and Osteopathy home visits in Barcelona capital area.

Our professional fitness instructors teach Yoga, Pilates and Personal training ensuring you get the workout you need whether you are aiming to get fit or recover from injury. Our fitness and rehabilitation classes at home help you stay committed to your exercise routine.

Simplybe Massage therapist and Osteopaths are highly trained and can help with easing both stress as well as physical discomfort. A massage and osteopathy session can be used to prevent injury as well as for rehabilitation purposes

All our home visit carers are vetted and speak English and Spanish. We also offer male or female instructors and therapists.

Please click here to book your session and start incorporating wellness into your life. Pilates, Osteopathy and massage at home, at your workplace or tourist accommodation.

What our clients say about us

Our team pilates in barcelona

I recommend to go. I got herniated disk and took private pilates classes twice a week. My mobility improved a lot and I also became pain free in just a month.
Neema Lahon
Devorah’s classes are great!
It’s a fun dynamic class that is tailored for each person as Deborah knows exactly how far to push you (considering injuries and levels etc). You always come out of class feeling fab!
Louise Fisker
Get my best recommendation! I have a disc hernia and had a lot of pain. As an osteopath Dovorah is so talented and you are always comfortable in her hands and you always feel better when you go home. For Pilates class she gives individual focus and guidance so everyone gets most out of the class. It’s nice to come as new! Dovorah always has a big smile so even if you are in lot of pain you day will be better! She can do magic
Jules Boddy
I’ve recently moved to Barcelona and needed to find an Osteopath urgently, as well as Pilates instruction. The team at SimplyBe covers all of my needs at a high level of excellence and a lovely, caring style. My back pain has reduced and my fitness levels improved. Very glad I found this place! (also, the multi lingual environment is extremely useful!)
Abbey Sykes
I started coming to Devorah’s pilates classes in April 2017 and I have seen huge results. Since coming twice a week for the past year and a bit, I am stronger, leaner and more toned than ever before. Devorah is an excellent teacher with the perfect match of pace, technique and humour. She also differentiates for different levels without disturbing the flow of the session. I would definitely recommend her classes!

About the Owner

Pilates studio owner devorah

After leaving my career in London in 2009 I followed my passion in health and fitness and started a new life teaching Fitness and Pilates in Barcelona.

Excited to see how effective Pilates exercises were for those recovering from accidents, injuries, and surgeries, as well as those aiming to get fit. Helping people motivated me to learn more about wellness and went back to school. A year later I qualified as a Chiro massage Therapist. However, after practicing for a year and seeing fantastic results with the combination of Pilates and massage for recovery and rehabilitation I decided to continue my journey into the health sector and retrained as a structural osteopath.

Because I specialize in helping clients with scoliosis, spinal injuries, back and hip pain, shoulder and neck injuries, pregnancy and postnatal exercise, sports related injuries. I get to enjoy working with people of all ages and movement abilities, whether teaching a Pilates class or a manual therapy session.

As the owner of Simplybepilates I am hands on. I know my clients and love to work with them. I am still excited and passionate about my job and am grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful clients. A satisfying day is a day where a client says “yes, no pain for a week!” or I have to jokingly tell my students off in my Pilates class for joking around.

All my Pilates classes draw from my extensive knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and neuromuscular education and I have developed my own technique combining manual therapy and Pilates to get the results my clients want.

What do I do when not at Simplybepilates? I love to travel, eat asian food (the hotter the better), swinging on a trapeze and shop for antique furniture to restore.

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Pilates, massage and Osteopathy in Barcelona

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