Californian massage in Barcelona

Californian massage en Barcelona is one of the most effective massage techniques to relax, eliminate stress and release  muscular tensions that accumulate during the day to day. It is carried out in sessions where the therapist makes sure to holistically harmonize his energy with that of the patient, in order to merge and create a vibrational environment that allows the patient to relax on a physical level, but also emotional, for a greater release of tension.

The Californian massage in Barcelona offered by SimplyBePilates, is characterized by long and fluid movements, with effleurages (light touches to warm the muscle before working with the deep tissue) at the beginning and pressures that glide in scented oils for a more environment. pleasant. The sessions usually begin with a massage therapist-patient conversation, but with the development of the massage, silence will reign to enter into a meditation exercise, with which mind and heart merge with energies for a greater sensation of relaxation.

Californian massage was born in the 70s and is still valid today.During the 1960s, it was Margaret Elke, at the Esalen Institute in California, United States, who was in charge of establishing Californian massage in an organized system. Its name, therefore, refers to the place of origin.

There, is it one of the most widely used massage techniques and has become popular in wellness centers and spas throughout the world, since through its holistic vision and simultaneous physical and mental relaxation it has been highly effective in society.

Californian massage is based on three pillars: conscious contact, breathing and presence. The pre massage conversation with the patient is of vital importance, so that he knows the whole process and builds the confidence. This allows him to let go of control of his body and give it to the masseur in favor of a deeper relaxation.

To carry out a Californian massage, trust must be previously generated.The massage begins with a series of gentle touches that gradually relax the patient, and help him loosen his body. This first contact must be very sensitive and go hand in hand with the patient becoming aware of their breathing. In this way, a better connection with the body is generated and, as the session progresses, the movements will become longer, vary in intensity and relax the nervous system through the step known as an enveloping wave and then massage the body upside down. to feet.There are techniques within the Californian massage in Barcelona in which elbows and / or forearms can be integrated to emphasize the deepest muscles, thus contributing to the distribution of energy throughout the body and its toning. This is one of the techniques by which Californian massage is perceived as a form of body work (bodywork).

Californian massage in Barcelona is aimed at all people for its many benefits.One of the arguments that support the globalization of Californian massage is due to the amount of benefits it has. This finds utility to free the patient from the stress of the day to day, helping him to release tension, eliminate toxins and relax in the middle of the routine. It also helps to unblock contractures, recover from injuries, improve blood circulation and contribute to the muscle tone of each body.However, his holistic vision also leads him to generate a feeling of well-being, joy or renewal on a psychological level, helping in times of emotional stress, such as general demotivation or depression.

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