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Pilates in Barcelona

People often take up Pilates as a form of therapy to treat aches and pains. Others, such as dancers and athletes, take up Pilates as a form of relaxation and even to enhance their performance on the field.

If you are looking for a Pilates class taught by professionals and where good vibes and a positive attitude prevail…

Pilate classes we offer in Barcelona

At Simplybe, we specialise in Pilates. In our centre we have a wide range of Pilates classes to suit all levels and preferences. Check out our prices and rates.

Pilates classes with machines are a form of exercise that combines the Pilates method approach with the use of instruments designed to improve strength, flexibility and posture.

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Individual Pilates classes are quality, personalised sessions in which a Pilates instructor works with the student, adapting to their needs, abilities and objectives.

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Ideal for practising Pilates with friends with whom you can share this philosophy while saving money. Group classes offer a social atmosphere and facilitate motivation.

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Get organised and make the most of the time off from your routine. Our Pilates classes help you maintain an exercise routine and achieve your goals without leaving your home.

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Specialised care tailored to the needs of those seeking to improve their scoliosis, back pain, neck ache and more. We use specific Pilates exercises that focus on strengthening deep core muscles, stretching tight muscles, improving posture as well as increasing body awareness. Try one of our specialist Pilates classes like Posture and core

+ About Pilates for rehabilitation

foam rollers turn your mat pilates class into a class that includes massage techniques, challenges stability and offers a wider range of exercises. It is ideal for those who wish to reduce muscle stiffness and tension.

A class focusing on abdominal, back and shoulder muscles to achieve greater strength and flexibility with the aim of improving body posture and seeking relief from back, shoulder and neck pain.

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Pilates focuses on the muscles of the tummy, back and pelvic floor, which are the muscles most affected during pregnancy and after birth.

Pilates is a completely safe way to exercise while helping you maintain the strength you need during pregnancy.

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A series of Pilates exercises that work against the resistance of a band. It includes all the benefits of Pilates with weights, but in a more effective and safer way.

In these classes, we guide you through a variety of exercises designed to stretch and strengthen every muscle in your body, helping you to improve your flexibility, strength and muscular endurance.

A weekly Pilates stretching and toning class will not only keep you looking good but also keep you more mobile. Breathe, relax and unwind

Our Barre Pilates classes are high intensity, low impack and the perfect combination of toning and fun.

We fuse the principles of Pilates with the dynamic and energetic movements of pilates and  ballet. We guide you through a series of exercises that combine muscle toning and stretching to work the whole body.

+ About the Barre Pilates Class

Stretching classes are an excellent option for improving the body’s flexibility and mobility. These classes are usually led by an instructor trained in stretching techniques. This combines stretching with toning pilates exercises.

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Pilates class in Barcelona
pregnancy pilates in Barcelona

Recommendations for your first Pilates class

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Non-slip socks or socks with grip to avoid slipping during the exercises.
  • A small towel to dry yourself or place on the mat.
  • A Pilates mat if you prefer to use your own.
  • Comfortable shoes to wear before and after class.
  • An open and positive attitude to make the most of the class.
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