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Osteopathy in Barcelona

Our osteopathy centre in Barcelona offers high quality services to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients.

Our approach is based on the application of advanced osteopathic techniques, combining knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body to provide effective and personalised treatments.

Our Osteopathy Centre

At our osteopathy centre in Barcelona, we have a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field of osteopathy.

Our specialists use manual and holistic techniques to assess and treat our patients holistically.

We offer osteopathy services for

Our treatments are designed to relieve pain, improve mobility, correct postural imbalances and promote the recovery and general well-being of our patients.

Our specialists use joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques to reduce inflammation, relieve pain and improve joint function to help our patients regain their quality of life.

Our osteopaths use stretching, mobilisation and cervical manipulation techniques to relieve muscle tension, improve mobility and correct neck alignment, with the aim of providing relief and improving neck function.

We use specific osteopathic assessment and treatment techniques to address the underlying causes of hip injuries, such as muscle imbalances, movement restrictions and joint stresses, with the aim of relieving pain, improving mobility and restoring hip function.

Tratamiento osteopático específico para abordar la tendinitis, incluyendo la movilización de las articulaciones afectadas, la liberación de tensiones musculares y la mejora de la circulación sanguínea en la zona afectada, con el fin de aliviar el dolor y promover la recuperación.

We use specific osteopathic techniques to correct spinal alignment, strengthen weakened muscles and improve flexibility, with the aim of relieving pain and improving our patients’ quality of life.

We offer specialised treatments for meniscus injuries, including mobilisation, manipulation and stress release techniques for the knee, with the aim of reducing inflammation, relieving pain and improving knee function.