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Pregnancy Pilates classes, keep feeling and looking great. If there ever was a time to start Pilates it is while you are pregnant. Our relaxing pilates studio in the centre of Barcelona is the perfect place to take private or group pilates classes, on the mat or the reformer. The Pilates classes will change with each trimestre and we will be there to help.

Our pregnancy pilates classes are small, normally 6 women. This is so that we can offer you modifications for each exercise depending where you are in your pregnancy, We also believe that you experience your pregnancy in a unique manner depending on your character, fitness level prior to pregnancy and lifestyle. Our empathetic Pilates instructors design each class taking in mind who is in the class and how that person is on the day and during their pregnancy journey.

Exercise during pregnancy is a worry for many women as they fear they might harm their unborn child. Pilates is a gentle form of exercise which focuses specifically on the muscles most affected during pregnancy.

As a low impact exercise method, it allows the practitioner to perform the exercises without putting strain on the joints or the back. As such, it is viewed as one of the safest forms of exercise for a pregnant woman. It is felt that the strengthening of the core and pelvis floor muscles allows for an easier pregnancy, delivery, and post birth recovery. Pilates pre- natal y post parto

Pilates during pregnancy, step by step

During the first trimester: Many women feel fatigue and nauseous and need a gentle, flowing form of exercise. The pilates classes concentrates on improving breathing techniques, flexibility, and strengthening your body while giving your mind space to concentrate and relax.

Many women find Pilates invigorating and a way to connect with their changing body and enjoy the mat classes as it allows them to connect with their baby to be. Pilates pre- natal y post parto

The second trimester: Brings a change in hormones which leaves many women feeling energized. At this stage your Pilates classes and routine concentrates on the body areas that are most affected by a pregnancy, preparing the muscles for the third trimester and the delivery.

The third trimester: Can be physically tiring for many women and the hormones that are released to loosen the pelvic joints can cause back pain. The additional weight can lead to a lack of balance, poor posture, swollen legs and varicose veins.

Pilates helps all of these conditions by strengthening the central or “core” muscles which in turn leads to improved posture and circulation. In our Pilates studio and with many of our students we have enjoyed teaching pilates class after class where a lot of these previous mentioned points have been avoided as regular pilates classes have helped prevent these later developments in the pregnancy.

At delivery: Women claim Pilates has helped their delivery because of their improved muscle tone, circulation (more oxygen to the womb which is less distressing for the baby) and breathing techniques.

Resuming Pilates after baby born: Women can generally return to Pilates classes four to six weeks after delivery, or eight to twelve weeks after a Cesarean section.

Your doctor will advise you on when your body is ready. Pilates reformer and mat will help your body regain its shape and tone and strengthen muscles that have been weakened during your pregnancy.

Exercises can be adapted to individual needs, so whether you have had a vaginal or caesarian delivery, a safe workout can be developed to target particular muscle groups. Pilates pre- natal y post parto

We understand that sometimes after giving birth it is hard to find time, and more often than not, the energy to come to a post natal pilates class even though you know it is important to return to exercise as soon as possible.

Pilates works wonders during pregnancy and continues to be a safe and effective form of exercise post pregnancy ( pilates post natal,) . Pilates doesn´t only focus on the astetic reasons that most women are excited to tackle, but also your general well-being both mentally and emotionally.

Don´t let that nagging feeling eat away at you ask us for private pilates classes in your home. We will send one of our professional pilates instructors, experienced and fully trained in pre-pregnancy and post pregnancy pilates exercises to help you get your body back, as well as leaving you feeling regenerated and strong. Our pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy pilates instructors are women and will design your post-parto pilates classes specifically for you and according to what your body needs.

is pilates good for you while pregnant?

Pilates is highly recommended during the months of pregnancy (pilates while pregnant) , as it is recommended to treat postural alterations, which can significantly improve back pain, so Pilates is a form of injury prevention and physiotherapy.

when should you start doing pilates when pregnant?

Under normal conditions, Pilates can be done from the first trimester until you give birth. The exercises will gradually decrease as the pregnancy progresses. During the pregnancy, the exercises should be performed at a low intensity, and adapted to the needs of the pregnancy. Pilates is a fantastic way of staying fit and healthy and should always be taught by an experienced teacher.

Is pregnancy pilates safe?

Pilates, as explained above, is a recommended practice in the months of pregnancy, and is completely safe unless there are complications in pregnancy. In some cases Pilates is able to prevent complications and help overcome complications

SimplyBePilates, a center for pilates in Barcelona, our pilates studio strongly recommend private or semi private classes for pilates pre- natal y postnatal and . For more information please feel free to click here to contact us.

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