At our Pilates with bands centre in Barcelona, we offer you a unique experience to strengthen your body and improve your wellbeing.

Our trainers will guide you through specific exercises that combine the fundamental principles of Pilates with the use of elastic bands. These bands provide additional resistance, which helps you to effectively tone and strengthen your muscles.

Using the bands in our Pilates workouts will allow you to work on stability, flexibility and correct posture.

Pilates Centre with elastic sleeves

Experience a unique form of Pilates that combines the effectiveness of the traditional method with the use of elastic sleeves through personalised sessions that are tailored to your individual needs and goals.

These sleeves provide additional strength and stability, allowing you to work on muscle toning, balance and postural alignment in a dynamic way.

Whether you’re looking to rehabilitate, improve your sporting performance or simply keep fit, our stretch sleeved Pilates centre is the ideal place to do it.

Our resistance band Pilates classes

In our resistance band Pilates classes, we offer a unique and challenging experience to strengthen your body and improve your flexibility.

Individual classes

Individual resistance band Pilates classes give you personalised attention, allowing you to focus on your specific needs and progress at your own pace.
In individual classes, you will receive constant guidance and correction from the instructor, helping you to improve your technique and maximise the benefits of the exercise.

Group Classes

Group classes are fun and dynamic, providing a motivating environment where you can interact with other participants and share your enthusiasm for exercise.
In Group Pilates classes with elastic bands, you will enjoy an energetic and stimulating atmosphere, while working as a team to strengthen your body, improve your flexibility and achieve visible results.

Advanced classes

Advanced Stretch Pilates classes are ideal for those who wish to take their practice to the next level, challenging their strength, balance and coordination in an intense and effective way.
In the advanced stretch Pilates classes, you will experience more complex and demanding exercises that will allow you to perfect your technique, increase your endurance and reach a higher level of fitness.

Introductory classes

Introductory Pilates Bands classes are perfect if you are new to Pilates or the use of bands, as you will become familiar with the basics of the method and learn the basic techniques in a safe and effective way.
In the introductory Pilates Bands classes, you will receive specialised attention to understand the key principles of Pilates and how to use the bands properly, laying the foundation for your future progress and development.

Pregnancy classes

Pilates classes for pregnant women are designed to strengthen and tone specific muscles during pregnancy, helping to maintain good posture, relieve discomfort and prepare you for childbirth.Pregnancy Pilates classes focus on safe, low-impact exercises that promote core stability, joint mobility and overall wellness, adapting to the changing needs of your body during this special time