Why post parto osteopathy sessions?

During pregnancy the body adapt to the needs of the growing child. We all see the bumb, but what does that do to your body? 

These are SOME of the changes that happen to almost ALL women

  • At at four months we start seeing real physical changes as the pelvis tilts back past its normal limts of 30 degrees into “nutation” which compresses the lower back. Yes this is where your lower back pain is coming from ladies!
  • In the last trimester the upper back curves to compensate for the wieght of the ever growing belly. Recognise that stiff upper back sensation,? Noticing a small hunch?
  • During the final months many people suffer from neck pain and even headaches. The neck counter compensatefrom the humched upper back and ajusts to this new position causing lordosis.
  • Last but not least the hip bones soften and the pubic ligament stretch to allow for birth. That pulling sensation, the difficulty to walk quickly, sound familiar?

So the question should be why are women all over the world not running to their nearest and dearest osteopath?

This I cant answer .. However, I can identify how post parto osteopathy sessiones can help you get your body back!

Post parto osteopathy sessions at simplybe focus on what you need.

  • Our sessiones can encourge the pelivis out of nutacion offering a base for the lower back and often releiving back pain.
  • post parto osteopathy uses massage and ajustments to realign the upper back. Therefore unblocking any structural changes that have occured during pregnancy and improving the range of movement in the upper body. This is especially important as new mums spend a lot of time nursing the new born, which can lead to upper back health issues.
  • Post parto osteopathy sessiones stretch and adjust the neck releiving musclar tension and allowing the neck to relax and return to a pre pregnancy structure.
  • Post parto osteopathy sessions also offer and teach you helpful exercises to stregthen the hip area helping the hips and pelvis to return to their original stable position.

Post parto osteopathy sessions are invaluable! If your body is correctly aligned you will benifit from a the nervous system to having the strength to hold your baby correctly.

Take care of yourself with post parto osteopathy sessiones so you can enjoy those first months with your new born without those aches and irritation. Post parto osteopathy sessions can start from weeks after birth. We do ask you to bring permission from your doctor before starting post parto osteopathy sessions with simplybe.

Post parto osteopathy sessions in the eixample Barcelona. Our friendly and professional team are here to help. Book you session here