¿How can the regular practice of pilates help better your sex life?

It is common knowledge that engaging in any physical activity releases the hormone serotonin which gives us a sense of wellbeing and calm as well as increase our self-esteem. All these sensations have an effect on our sexuality and essential help to increase our reaction to sexual stimulation.

But why pilates and not another form of physical activity? The answer is simple. Pilates focuses on our breathing which is a vital component to control and that contributes to any high intensity physical activity such as sex.

Also it is unavoidable not to notice that the majority of exercises that one practices in pilates are focused on toning and strengthening the core of our bodies, as Joseph Pilates said “our powerhouse”. The power house is essential our abdominals, lower back and pelvis floor. Pilates concentrates on working with these muscles all of which (especially the pelvis floor) help us not only increase the intensity of our orgasms but also the duration of them. Basically helping us gain more pleasure from sex and therefore improving our sex life.

Another characteristic affiliated with Pilates is the control and precision that is used to carry out every exercise. The control is both mental and physical to achieve the correct physical alignment demanded by the pilates method. This aspect of control, enables people to perform sexual activates with co-ordination, strength and agility allowing the body to enjoy the sensations rather than causing physical tension during the activity. The mental control also allows one to remain “in the moment” as practitioners of pilates have learnt to control wondering minds and concentrate during the classes. It is fair also to highlight Pilate also improves flexibility which allow the practitioner to introduce more variety to their sex life enable experimentation of different and more imaginative positions.

In short it is fair to satte that pilates help better your sex life!

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