It’s hard to find the right group Pilates classes in Barcelona, a group Pilates classes that suits your needs.

Pilates is everywhere, gyms, you tube, yoga studios and more. However, it is not to say that all group Pilates classes in Barcelona are the same. As a result we recommend that you try a few of our group Pilates classes before making your decision. For more information regarding timetable click here.

A group pilates class can be held on the MAT or on the reformer. The Mat you need to support yourself during the exercises and is considerably more economical. The reformer has many more variation of Pilate’s exercises therefore more interesting for those more advanced. The Pilates reformer can also help those who suffer from injuries as the Pilates reformer machine regulates the intensity of the exercise.

Group Pilates classes in Barcelona, as a general rule may include exercises that are not suitable for beginners or are too easy for the advanced practitioner. At Simplybepilates we offer a wide range of group Pilates classes for all levels. We encourage people to try another group Pilates class if they are not challenged or over exerted by one of our 6€ trail classes

With simplybepilates a group Pilate’s class on the mat consists of 5 – 8 people depending on the type of class. For example we limit pregnancy classes to 5 women. Other beginner and intermediate group Pilates classes have 8 people. At Simplybepilates we assure you that you will never have the type of large group you would expect to see in a gym or some Yoga or Pilates studios in Barcelona. We believe that for your development small groups are essential.

For more information about our group Pilates classes click here or give us a call on 644316850 and we will be happy to find the best group Pilate’s class for your level and requirements.

Group Pilates classes in Barcelona

Discover the best floor Pilates center in Barcelona

Floor Pilates in Barcelona have been proven to be beneficial for all types of people. People who practice Pilates claim to have experienced great improvement in terms of their health. Pilates has been practically effective for those who suffer from chronic back pain, bad posture and are recovering from an injury or surgery.

In addition to these physical improvements mat Pilates, that is to say Pilates without machines in Barcelona has been shown to improve one’s overall mood and emotional state due to its breathing technique and the slow controlled movements and mindfulness. All of which help you relax. In short, Pilates is the perfect exercise to stretch and tone your body, as well as relax and disconnect your mind from the day-to-day stresses and worries.

Don’t wait any longer. Visit SimplyBe Pilates. Our facilities together with the great energy and professional experience of our team have made us one of the best Pilates centers in Barcelona. If you haven’t tried it, it’s time to start enjoying the health benefits that this discipline will bring you. Reserve your place at one of our floor Pilates classes in Barcelona.