Pilate’s abdominal exercises for pregnancy …

Pilate’s abdominal exercises for pregnancy are often a modified version of a Pilates exercise if not a Pilate’s exercise as Joseph Pilates had designed it to be.

I hear women come to the studio and say they can’t exercise their abdominals during pregnancy. It is a myth that pregnant women can’t work their abdominal muscles. We work our abdominal muscles every day, even breathing involves using our abdominal muscles! Pilate’s abdominal exercises for pregnancy exist!

So where did this myth start? I imagine it’s because many classic abdominal exercises, such as the sit up which involve adding a lot of pressure to abdominals which can lead to abdominal separation click here https://www.disabled-world.com/health/hernias/diastasis-recti.php This theory presumes that all abdominal exercises involve causing pressure to this area. There are a range of Pilate’s exercises that do not do this and therefore are not off limits.

Other exercises involve rotation or crunching the abdominal muscles. It is obvious why we wouldn’t want to do these exercises, who wants to squash there baby to be and which baby to be wants to be compressed. Again Pilates boasts a range of exercises that gives your baby space to enjoy the feeling of mummy exercising.

Each Pilate’s abdominal exercises for pregnancy is modified for each trimester as the baby becomes heavier and your bodies feel less agile. Pilate’s exercises are restricted to few reps per exercises, normally not more than 8 repetitions which means we enter each exercise ready to give all and stop before we become exhausted. Keeping our muscles healthy while strengthening and improving elasticity.

Our Pilates instructors have years of experience and our Pilates pregnancy classes are reduced size so that you feel comfortable and work to your ability day to day. Trial a Pilate’s pregnancy class in our Barcelona studio and stay in shape during your pregnancy Click here for more information