Osteopathy sessions for hip injuries

Osteopathy sessions for hip injuries include; tendinitis, capsulitis and bursitis. All these illnesses are similar in that they are all caused by inflammation in the joint area.

Various osteopathy tests are performed to the leg and hip muscles to asses where pain is experienced when the muscles are engaged. Tendinitis tests are isometric or performed passively. Pain is experienced at the beginning of a movement if the issue is tendinitis.

Signs of capsulitis and bursitis are indicted when the leg is separated from the joint or pressure applied to close the joint (pushing the leg into the joint) respectively. Pain at the physiological limitation of movement in passive movement is also a sign of capsulitis and / or bursitis.  Heat is also felt in the area.

Osteopathy sessions for hip injuries; tendinitis

Tendonitis is treated with chiro massage, cyrax combined with ice. The chiro massage incorporates mobilization of the effected joint. Friction movements along the line of the muscles associated with the tendon is important for speedy recovery. Stretching and mobilization follows the massage.

Osteopathy sessions for hip injuries; manipulations

Traction to the hip, knee and ankle, with impulse if possible. Traction and impulse in rotation depending on the patients hip position. The abductors and adductor muscles are mobilization and the femur is moved back into its correct position.

Osteopathy sessions for hip injuries: capsulitis and bursitis.

In chronic phase these illnesses are to left to rest and repair with the aid of ice packs. A drainage massage in the surrounding muscles with mobilization helps release the fluid but the affected area is not massaged directly and a light massage applied. No pain should be experienced by the patient during the massage.

After this phase has passed cyriax, chiro massage and stretching can be added to the treatment to provoke healthy fluid production and relieve pain. Rotation and traction manipulation with impulse are employed to encourage the femur back to its correct position if necessary.

Bursitis also requires global traction to the hip area.

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