There are many benefits of combining massage and stretching…

especially if you play sports or if you expose your body to repetitive actions, weight gain or have posture problems. Something as simple as spending hours in the gym without making stretching before, and / or after can make our muscles lose elasticity and flexibility encourage injuries.

Doctors and physical therapists including rehabilitation Pilates instructors and massage therapists recommend stretching before and after physical activity to prepare the muscles and regular massages to maintain the body healthy. There are massages that include stretching as part of the massage. Massage can be performed on muscle tissue while the muscle in question is “stretched”. Most massage therapists use techniques such as friction, kneading to reduce stiffness and relieve tension.

The combined benefits of massage and stretching include improved the effects of the massage itself and loosens the muscle more than a standard massage. The patient also benefits from a greater sense of relaxation.  The combined benefits of massage and stretching also encourage muscle regeneration and aids healing and prevention of muscle tissue injury.

Massage combined with stretching is recommended for people with chronic or specific muscle injuries as well as people suffering any type of muscle pain or sports injuries such as sprains.

It is important to warm up before sports a little cardio combined with stretching, especially for those who are not used to doing sports or physical activity. However, that is sometimes not enough because the muscles are not always prepared enough for the level of activity or the duration so, during the activity, gradually the tension will building up and by the end one will still experience injury or muscle tear.

In these cases it is advisable to receive a massage combined with stretching.

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