Osteopathy sessions for Shoulder tendinitis is very effective.

A tendon is a fibrous tissue that connect the muscle to the bone. Osteopathy sessions for Shoulder tendinitis manipulates the damaged tenden directly. Tendinous can be caused by a number of reasons but the main cause is muscle overuse and pushing the muscle to ones physiological limits (over stretching). If tendonitis is not treated it can lead to a rupture.

Symptoms for Shoulder Tendinitis 

A tendinitis in the shoulder can cause pain at the beginning of a movement as well as during the process of moving. Pain can also be experienced when the shoulder muscles are forced to work against resistance.

Osteopathy tests for identifying Shoulder Tendinitis ; Deltoids anterior, posterior and media. Pectorals minor and mayor, Ronda minor (arm up) and Ronda major (behind back), supraspinous, coracobrachialis, serratus anterior and the subscapular (arm down).

Osteopathy sessions for Shoulder Tendinitis

  1. Quiro massage D10 up including upper shoulder blade. Followed by neck muscles and shoulder working down the arm.
  2. Cyriaxs in the deltoid, biceps and triceps area. Two to three minute application applying ice between the sessions. In server cases repeat 5 times.
  3. Massage frictions following the effected tendons followed by massage with mobilization.
  4. Passive stretches to the affected area.

Osteopathy sessions for shoulder tendinitis, manipulations

1.      Mobilization

2.      Rotation

If the initial tests prove that the following muscles cause pain for the patient, supraspinous, deltoids (front and medium), pectorals, coracobrachialis then the  humerus bone is blocked in internal rotation and readjusted towards to front of the body and the should be unblocked in external rotation descending.

If the initial tests prove that the Ronda minor, Ronda major or subscapular muscles are painful for the patient the humerus bone is blocked in external rotation and realigned to the back and the correction is to unblock the humerus in internal rotation and centralize.

Unblock the vertebra from C3 to D10 in rotation as well as any upper thoracic vertebras blocked in extension

Simplybe in Barcelona also recommends combining our Osteopathy sessions for Shoulder Tendinitis and manual therapy sessions with rehabilitation Pilates sessions.

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