Pilates footwork exercises are an is important part of a Pilates workout.

There are many Pilates footwork exercises to strengthen the foot and ankle which have a knock on effect on helping to realign the whole body.

Every day our feet bear the weight of the whole body, they suffer from stress and tend to weaken under the pressure and misuse  from wearing non bio mechanically designed shoes or not walking enough.

Strong feet and ankle muscles can have a huge effect on our posture, so it is very important to devote special care to our feet and include them in every workout. Pilates footwork exercises for the feet and lower extreme of our bodies are designed to combat everyday neglect as well as improve overall well being.

An instructor that understand the benefits of including Pilates footwork exercises into a class can correct postural patterns and  muscle imbalances in hips, legs and much more, with simple exercises designed to be practiced by anyone and everyone.

It is important to have good healthy posture since  imbalances in posture can cause pain and injury. To prevent misalignment it is important to think Pilates footwork exercises!

Here are some advantages of including Pilates footwork exercises into your Pilates routine

Helps align your feet and legs properly.
Improves posture misalignment
Improve balances
It develops strength in the lower body: hips, legs, ankles.
Maintains bio mechanics that allows us to walk, run and play
Avoid injuries by balancing the tension in joints

Everyone can benefit from Pilates footwork exercises, from those dependent on their bodies such as dancers to those who are obligated to live a more stationary life.

To prevent misalignment and poor posture include Pilates footwork exercises into your routine or sign up with Simplybepilates. Weather your class is on the reformer or on the Mat, group or private we will make sure Pilates footwork exercises are incorporated into you Pilates class.

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