Barre Pilates have become a popular exercise class for Pilates and non Pilates fans.

Its fame for being not only effective, but for making even the most loyal Pilates goers quiver and shake. At Simplybepilates we are happy to be one of the first Pilates studios to offer Barre Pilates classes in Barcelona. Enjoy the exhilarating intensity each set of exercises entails. Click here for our timetable



So what is barre Pilates?

It is based on ballet in the sense of using a bar for the look and feel. However, it is more than a ballet class, it combines controlled moves with music. This means the class is generally faster than a classic ballet or Pilates class. The speed of the class incorporates an element of cardio and of course fat burn. We know Pilates strengthens, improves flexibility and improves posture. Now, with Barre Pilates, it also includes fat burn as a benefit! Jackpot.

A typical class starts with a warm up to music before starting with weights or on the barre. The structure is a bit like an aerobics class in the sense it works each body part for the duration of a song. However, unlike most aerobic classes a Barre class applies Pilates Principles for example; using the core and postural awareness.

Working with ballet style movements improves balance, mind – body awareness, heightens our sense of proximity and coordination. It is ideal for all ages and levels according to Shape magazine.

We, at simplybepilates, find the barre classes excellent for people with;

  • Shoulder and neck problems as the majority of exercises are standing so ideal to strengthen postural muscles without the tension created by normal crunch style abdominal exercises.
  • Back ache, as Barre Pilates focuses on the bum and legs, which are our support muscles for the lower back.
  • Suitable for pregnant women from 3 months and those from the beginning of their pregnancy of they are used to working out.

Whether you are pre natal or post natal, fit and healthy, or injured and in rehabilitation a barre Pilates classes could be a great way of getting in shape while having fun. Click here or whatsapp 644316850 to book a class or ask us a question.