It is famous not only for being effective, but also for making even the most faithful pilates practitioners shake and jolt thanks to the exhilarating intensity of each series of exercises.

At Simplybepilates we are happy to be one of the first pilates studios to offer pilates barre classes in Barcelona.

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Barre pilates classes

barre pilates is more than a ballet class, as it combines controlled movements with music, so the class is generally faster than a classical ballet or pilates class as it incorporates cardio.

Working with ballet style movements improves balance and mind-body awareness, increases our sense of proximity and coordination; just to name a few of the reasons why pilates barre has become a necessity in Pilates studios.

Ballet barre classes that we offer in Barcelona

Pilates barre classes for pregnant women from 3 months of pregnancy and for those who are already used to exercise from the beginning of their pregnancy. Classes for pregnant women

These classes are non-impact and do not increase the heart rate too much, so they are ideal for pregnant women. Strengthen your legs and glutes to better cope with the weight of your belly.

We know that Pilates strengthens muscles, increases flexibility and improves posture, but now with the barre incorporated into Pilates, fat burning is also included as a benefit.

Barre Pilates classes for pregnant women are ideal for pregnant women who want to continue exercising but without risk. We offer barre pilates:

  • Individual classes
  • Group classes

A typical class begins with a musical warm-up before starting with weights or at the barre. The structure resembles an aerobics class in that it works every part of the body for the duration of a song.

We find that barre classes are excellent for those with shoulder or neck problems, as most of the exercises are standing, making them ideal for improving postural muscles without the strain created.