Post operation massage Barcelona

A post operation massage can be an essential aid to the post-surgery recovery process. People have surgery for many health and cosmetic reasons. Post operation it is normal that a person can experience pain, inflammation lymphedema and scarring, all of which can be healed by the right type of massage.

At Simplybepilates we will recommend the right massage for you. Our Post operation massages include; Lymph drainage massage, cross fibre massage and myofascial massage. In many cases we will use all three techniques to ensure you get back to health as quickly and effectively as possible.

Lymphedema is often the cause of an increased amount of swelling and pain.

A Lymph drainage massage is different from a regular massage in the sense it addresses the skin as well as the muscles. It is a gentle massage that engages long “wave” like strokes that open and close the lymph channels encouraging new connections. The excess fluid is redirected where it is more easily absorbed into the tissue and eliminated from the body. A lymph drainage massage is detoxicating, reduces the risk of infection and the soothing movements helps the mind and body to relax

A post operation lymph drainage massage is not recommended for people with heart conditions, infections, blood clots or strokes and kidney or liver problems. Seek advice from your doctor if you have excessive swelling inflammation.

Scar tissue post operation massage will help scar tissue healing process and reduce or eliminate scarring.

In order to treat scar tissue, it is best to wait until the scar is completely formed. A scar is formed from 6 to 8 weeks after surgery. Massage speeds up the healing process by applying light pressure motivating blood supply amongst other benefits. Scar tissue massage improves the quality of the soft tissue in the damaged area.

Any surgical incisions will affect the facia. The facia is soft fibrous tissue that runs throughout your body allowing the muscles to glide smoothly as they are contracting and extending. When damaged, these fibrous tissues can fails to facilitate correct muscle movement and can create adhesions (scar tissue) creating new connections where there ought not to be.

Cross Fibre post operation massage strengthens and repairs soft tissues

Cross fibre massage is a technique used on ligaments, tendons and muscles to repair damaged fibres and heal scar tissue. When soft tissue is damaged the body creates a scar to prevent healing and help strengthen the damaged area. Cross fibre massage breaks up the scar tissue formed and realigns muscles. James Cyrix MD, the founding father of modern orthopaedic medicine was the founder of cross fibre massage. Cross fibre massage should be performed every other day or less frequently allowing muscles to heal slowly.

Post operation massage can not only help reduce swelling and stiffness in the short term but works to prevent long term mobility limitations and reduced flexibility. Here are some other tips to help you recover post operation

At simplybepilates our massages and experienced massage therapists can help you feel healthier and relaxed post-surgery. We pride ourselves in achieving faster recovery times and enabling you to return to your life with the same strength, flexibility and mobility post-surgery.

For more information regarding any of our Post operation massages please feel to give us a call on 644316850 or whatsapp. Or click here to book a massage. Your first massage includes a consultation. Please bring any reports provided by your doctor