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Massages for pregnant women in Barcelona

Pregnancy massage in Barcelona is a specific type of therapeutic massage performed by a trained specialist. This manual therapy is designed to help pregnant women to reduce some of the most frequent symptoms during the process and to feel better in general in order to live pregnancy in a more positive way. These massages can be applied from the second trimester onwards and provide relaxing effects and act against pain. 65% of pregnant women experience pelvic pain, 46% sciatic pain and 71% lower back pain, so managing pain can make a big difference to the quality of life of the mother-to-be. Therefore, the benefits of massage for pregnant women are both physical and emotional.

What is prenatal massage?

The most common complaints in pregnant women are in the circulatory system and also in the musculoskeletal system. They are mainly caused by the strong hormonal changes and the increase in weight and volume. The most frequent symptoms are fluid retention, shortness of breath, neck tension or sciatica and lower back pain. These normal discomforts during pregnancy can be greatly alleviated with a prenatal massage in Barcelona carried out by experts in this physiotherapy technique.

Benefits of pregnancy massage in Barcelona

The benefits of receiving regular pregnancy massage sessions in Barcelona are multiple and can improve the wellbeing and experience of pregnancy. These are the most important ones:

Reduce tension

During the final stage of pregnancy, it is common for women to experience physical or emotional tension, due to the delicacy of their condition and the discomfort sustained for several months. Sometimes there can even be periods of anxiety and nervousness, which can be caused by the natural concern for one’s own health and that of the future baby. Massage can play a very relaxing role and help to reduce psychological tension and release the muscles of the whole body.

Pain relief

Gestation is a strain on the body on many levels, so it is common for some aches and pains to appear. Massage is an excellent alternative to medication, which in many cases is not recommended or may pose a risk.

Improves circulation

During pregnancy, many women prefer to remain at rest because they feel less agile, become fatigued, experience heaviness, dizziness or drowsiness. Although physical activity is generally recommended, there are also risky pregnancies that require the mother-to-be to remain as still as possible. This situation can affect the circulatory system and cause swelling of the feet, legs and ankles, which can be minimised through specific massages.

Revitalise and relax

The process of pregnancy can lead to a lot of physical exhaustion, in which case massage techniques can be applied to stimulate and invigorate the woman’s body and mind to carry on with renewed strength. At the same time, prenatal massage can provide a great sense of relaxation and help reduce pre-birth anxiety.

Types of prenatal massage in Barcelona

There are various types of massage for pregnant women depending on the problem to be treated

Therapeutic massage

Aimed at providing relief from the most common aches and pains caused by bad posture, muscular contractions or sciatica.

Relaxing massage

Aimed at treating the stress and anxiety that affects many women during pregnancy. The aim is to provide a soothing environment for the mother-to-be to enjoy a massage that relaxes the muscles and mind.

Lymphatic drainage

This physiotherapy technique is recommended for women who have problems with fluid retention during pregnancy. It can be very helpful, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, when swollen feet and ankles can affect mobility and quality of life. Lymphatic drainage involves stimulating deposits in the lymphatic pathways to move retained fluids into the bloodstream

The ideal, if you are looking for massages for pregnant women in Barcelona, is to go to a centre where these three types of massages can be performed, combining or alternating them in the different sessions

Another feature of pregnancy massage is the use of a special massage table. Most pregnant women feel uncomfortable lying on their stomachs, even in the first few weeks, because of the swelling and tenderness of the breasts. On the other hand, lying on your back is also not recommended, especially from the second trimester onwards, because it puts pressure on the uterus. Therefore, prenatal massages use massage tables designed to ensure the woman’s comfort, with recesses to accommodate the belly and chest, and complementary pillows for excellent posture.

As you can see, prenatal massage can do a lot to make the pregnancy process more bearable and with much gentler symptoms. If you are looking for pregnancy massage in Barcelona, trust SimplyBePilates, where a group of professionals will offer you a personalised programme according to your needs and the state of your pregnancy. Contact us if you would like to book a session or if you have any questions.