Home Massage service is leading the way in health and wellness in Barcelona

Our home massage service offers you the obvious travel and time savings which is valuable as we live busier lives. Between caring for children, work demands, keeping fit and day to day commitments, we often forget about taking some time to focus on ourselves. Do you find your wellness and health often takes a back seat?

At Simply Be Pilates we offer a professional massage service in Barcelona.

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We believe that massages should be encorporated into your weekly or monthly routine. A home massage service is not only for people who lives fast-paced lives. We all need to disconnect and destress. As a society we understand the importance of exercising and eating right but overlook our muscular -skeleton system. A massage is as important as exercising and eating well. A massage at home enable you to incorporate massage into your wellness routine with ease.

In many cases a home massage is more than a preferred choice. A strong spasm or intense pregnancy sciatic pain may well leave you unable to come to our health studio. In these cases, a home massage is a must! Don’t wait for an injury, or pain to book a massage, a home massage can be a great way to just take some time out and focus on yourself.

For those who need regular manual therapy we also offer Osteopathy sessions at your home. Our Osteopathy sessions offer a more complete treatment including massage, mobilization and realigning your skeleton structure to reduce tension and ease pain.

A home Massage doesn’t have to mean your perminant home. Many people oft for a massage at home while on holiday for example. As a tourist why wonder the streets, lost and looking for a massage centre, let us come to you and wash away the tiredness of wondering the streets of Barcelona.

Work place massage sessions are also catered for under our home massage service. Did you know that in Barcelona, a massage at work can be tax deductible making our home massage service even more affordable if you are self-employed!

For many people a massage is about relaxation and a spa type environment springs to mind. We believe the most relaxing place for you to have a massage is at home. Being able to get into the shower, lounge on the sofa or potter around your home after a massage is the ultima in relaxation and luxury. A massage at home also makes for a great gift.

We provide everything from your highly skilled and vetted massage professional to the towels, oils and bed. We offer candles and music if requested to tailor your massage to exactly what you want

More and more people are turning to massage as a form of therapy to maintain or improve health. Our massage therapists are trained in both western and eastern healing massages techniques.

Our home massage service includes: sports massage, deep tissue massage, chiro massage, pregnancy massage and many more. All massages are available for 55 minutes or 90 minutes. See our full massage menu or ask us for your preferred massage type – whatsapp or call us any day on 644316850

Massage on Sundays and bank holidays may be charged at a premium rate.