Why is Group Pilates becoming more popular in Barcelona?

We have seen Pilates grow in popularity at a rate of approx 5% in the UK, Australia and the USA over recent years. Now we are seeing growth as Pilates in Barcelona become more avialable and accepted for its health benifits.

“Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace, and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play, and in the way you work” – Joseph Pilates.

Recent research from the Physiotherapy Department at Queensland University has demonstrated that improved co-ordination and strength of the deep abdominal muscles has a positive effect of stabilizing, and protecting the lumbar spine.

Pilates works by re-balancing the body, altering the way in which your muscles move restoring the natural flexibility and strength we had as a child. Pilates focuses particualy  on strengthening the stabilising muscles which support the spine, this is the key focus of our Pilates classes

The transverse abdominus muscles (what we think of as our stomach muscle) is wrapped around the trunk horizontally, acting like a “corset” when engaged. The multifidus muscle, based in the lower back and the pelvic floor, works together with the traverses creating a protective cylinder around the central spine, helping to prevent excessive force being applied to the vertebrae, ligaments and discs when exercising – allowing core strength to be developed.

Pilates exercises are gentle, progressive, and performed slowly with good postural alignment at all times. These controlled movements are therefore unlikely to lead to injury, re-injury, and are ideal for those who are pregnant and of a mature age. Regular Pilates practice typically leads to, on most people, a stronger leaner body, a heightened consciousness of body awareness, and an overall de-stressing effect.

At SimplyBePilates we offer both reformer classes as well as Mat classes. We have a wide range of classes which are designed to suit each body type. Our reformer classes are a max of 3 people and offer an option for those who wish to practise pilates with support and the aded challenge of working with resisistance. The reformer classes offer a wider variety of exercises.

On the Mat we practise pilates ina  safe and controlled manner keeping the pilates classes small so you get the best out of your class. Our pregnancy classes have an average of 3 people at any one time and we guarentte no more than 4 people a class. The smallest pregnancy pilates class in Barcelona. Our clinical pilates class is slow and precice and ideal for those looking to learn the Pilates technique and those who have been recently injured. We also offer classic pilates class for those who are well and simply attend out Pilates classes because they see their bodies toning, strengthening and their flexibility improving.

Try our pilates classes and get pracitsing Pilates in Barcelona in our centrally located studio! For more information click here


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Nutritional Tips

Food combining

Definition: “a dietary system based on Dr. William Hay’s principle that certain foods, such as carbohydrates and proteins, are digested more easily when eaten separately” dictionary.reference.com

It is also believed that food combining also helps your body to process and ABSORB what you eat more efficiently AND can be the key to long-term health and weight loss!


1. Fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach
2. Sour fruit should not be eaten with sweet fruit
3. Do not eat proteins with carbs
4. Stay away from Starches and Sugars
5. Avoid Fat and Proteins

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