What to do to get a perfect Pilates bum

Pilates is well known for strengthening core muscles, preventing injury and helping in the rehabilitation process and that’s all true. But let’s be real. While exercising we also want to look good and have a nice bum. So what to do to get a perfect Pilates bum

The truth is most people come to Pilates for lower or upper back ache. The gluteus muscles, there are three of them, are the backs support muscles. What does that mean, a strong bum leads to a healthy spine.

The pilates bum is essentially is the foundation of the spine and therefore is essential that every Pilate’s class focuses on this muscle group whether we are in a Pilate’s rehabilitation class or a Pilate’s fitness class.

There are many classic Pilates bum exercises from the basic exercises such as the bridge, to the side leg series.   Different Pilates bum exercises strengthen, tone and improve flexibility to the three different bum muscles.

Here’s what to do to get a perfect Pilates bum

The gluteus maximus is the main and biggest bum muscle and can be targeted by any of the bridge and leg pull series as well as Pilates exercise such as breast stroke or swimming. There are huge range of Pilates bum exercises for this all important muscle

The Side Leg Series will focus on the medium glutinous. The one that gives you the dimple. This side leg series have a range of modification making it manageable but challenging for all levels

The glutinous minimums can be targeting by the alternative leg and arm stretch from all fours or in a plank for those more advanced.

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