What makes a great Pilates instructor?

As I changed my career to become a great Pilate’s instructor, full of excitement to spend my days teaching Pilates, a passion of mine, to all different types of people. I was positive that I could make Pilates a passion for all.

I loved the idea of a healthy lifestyle. Spending each day thinking about wellness, betting mine and others heath and exercising all day. What a buzz

In addition the opportunity to work with people instead of a screen was more than appealing after spending 8 hours a day in an office. Real human interaction rather than anonymous emails. A genuine smile rather than a yellow face.

The reality is that all of the above is true! The satisfaction I receive from meeting and teaching and helping a broad range of different people is invaluable. I am lucky that 75% of my clients are international and as a result the diversity that works through the door of my Barcelona based Pilates studio is increasable. However, the work was more complicated that I imagined!

A great Pilates instructor know to offer a range of Pilates exercises dependent on the client’s needs and the level they or the group has. Learning to balance a class when there are a range of students, from the cautious, the young fit bods, the excitable and the methodic is a skill on its own. This means I have to find the balance. The diversity of exercises to keep everyone in the class working safely, correctly and motivationally.

The attention to detail is vital. To be alert and help during the class. Many times I have attended classes and the teacher is doing the workout! What! A great Pilate’s instructor is dedicating her or his time to YOU.

A great Pilate’s instructor practices Pilates. Is fit and is knowledgeable about the human body and each exercise, with a list of modification up his or her sleeve. Yes practice what you preach. If you can’t show your clients that you can do the exercise or give them a modification to help or encourage them how can they inspire to do it?

Be awake – When I started Simplybepilates I working all shifts, morning 8am through to evening 9pm. Needless to say my 9pm students did not have the same attention to detail as other classes. A great Pilate’s instructor gives a real 100% not a haft hearted 200%

And finally, a great Pilate’s instructor will accept that one’s once tasteful and elegant fashion sense has been exchanged for sportswear!

For more information about our group or private Pilates classes with our not good but a great Pilate’s instructors feel free to contact us and ask for a trial class. We would love to meet you