I always stated that virtual Pilate’s classes via Skype https://www.skype.com and Zoom https://zoom.us are poor substitutes for a face to face Pilate’s class.

To this day I stand by this statement.

However, life sometimes throws us a curve ball and we have to adapt as best we can. That curve ball at the time of writing is Corona Virus. Currently living in Spain means “lockdown” The president Pedro Sanchez initiated a state of emergency and ordered all Spanish residents to stay housebound for minimums 2 weeks.

Well as you can imagine, a sporty, energetic bod like myself found herself pacing the floors of the flat within a day.

Many whatsapps from clients asking for virtual classes showed me that I am apparently not the only one. My clients were demanding virtual Pilate’s classes that they could log onto from the safety of their homes.

Reluctantly, I agreed. Pilates is about the small movements, attention to detail and breathing technique. All of which are hard to monitor and manage on a screen.

Getting started with Virtual Pilates classes

After technical difficulties were overcome the classes commenced. As an instructor I did feel more on display and as a result gave a class that reflected this. The class was more serious and more clinical. The vocal cues had to compensate for the lack of touch, which I use as a key form of communication. I often guide students by getting close to a client and performing the movement or exercise next to them, unity aid learning for many. These forms of communication are just not there.

Virtual Pilate’s classes is a poor substitute as is the trend where apps and videos were meant to change the world of Pilates. In my humble opinion. I have always felt it to be unlikely for Pilates as CORRECTION is key.

From my own personal experience I respond better to touch before verbal guidance therefore a face to face class would be vital for my style of learning.

I appreciate virtual Pilates classes are a great option on the odd occasion. For example; when students are traveling for work or on holiday.

Pilate’s changes people’s lives, as Pilate’s instructor I see the changes Pilates can bring to people from helping to reduce pain, new lease of life as my clients re-learn the freedom of posture correction and movement.

Make it happen, stop with the virtual Pilates classes and choose face to face Pilates sessions where possible,

For more information about face to face Pilates sessions in group or private click here and let us help you get the most out of your Pilates sessions.