Vinyasa yoga flow

Vinyasa yoga is the practice of unites the breath with movement. This practice varies from other yoga practices what employ a more “static” approach to a constant “flow” of poses which is called the “dynamic flow” The amount of time of one’s breath marks out the body’s natural time it needs to take moving between poses. Some poses are held for a set amount of breaths to reap maximum benefit from the series.

Vinyasa is translated from Sanskrit meaning “connection” and follows a specific series of movements that are frequently done between each pose in a series. Vinyasa flow yoga belongs to the family of yoga that includes the Sun Salutations. For example a standard vinyanas trait which is also marked out in the classic sun salutation series is to, from a seated position, jump back into a plank, from here to upward facing dog, then downward facing and ending with a jump through into the next pose.

Vinyasa Yoga engages a breathing technique that relaxes the diagram allowing the abdominals to inflate freely. This method of breathing also called “free breathing with sound” and opens the throat chakra. The rhythm of the breath as one inhales and exhales gives the practitioner a sense of peace and a focus point to allow him or her to disconnect from ones surroundings.

It has been said that Vinyasa yoga is designed to “keep the fire burning” this is due to the breathing technique employed which creates an internal heat which is said to cleanse the body, improve circulation and eject toxins via perspiration.

A Vinyasan yoga class has a formula that must be followed. The yoga class will comprise of: an opening sequence, one of the main six series, a back bending series, a set of inverted poses to finish

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