The value of Massage and Osteopathy is widely accepted throughout the world. Both techniques, Massage and Osteopathy are used to treat a wide range of issues from pain management to a range of issues related to the nervous system.

Both Massage and Osteopathy sit under the umbrella of Manual therapy. Manual therapy incorporate a wide range of techniques that involve a purposeful physical contact and a strong communication between the massage therapist or Osteopath, and the patient. The value of Massage and Osteopathy is time tested. We can see it has been used in many societies, in many shapes and forms for centuries.

The value of Massage and more specifically the value of being touched has been reported to reduce blood pressure as well as reduce anxiety in clinical studies. Physical contact offers an alternative to expensive medicines ranging from Muscle relaxants to anti-anxiety medicine according to

Some Manual therapists claim massages such as “Shiatsu” can replace traditional therapy where one will talk through their problems.

There are some differences between the different types of Manual Therapies. For example; Massage varies from Osteopathy in the sense that a Massage can focus on a specific muscle chain or even focus on a muscle in rare cases. Osteopathy treatments look at the body as a whole rather than a section of the body and therefore to treat one area of the body, the whole body must also be examined and treated.

Massages and mobilization techniques are carried out by manual therapists as well as medical professionals such as physiotherapists and Osteopaths while Osteopathy manipulations such as “trust” are specific to Osteopaths and Chiropractors.

The effectiveness and value of Massage is not included in most healthcare systems. On the record it is not recognized as an effective treatment. Irrespective of this its effectiveness is proven by the amount of the population who seek massage therapists in private practice. Osteopathy is however more widely accepted as a cost effective and recognized alternative to prescription medicine and other forms of more traditional treatments.

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