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At Simplybepilates you might have gathered that we love Pilates and sports and want to spread the word to all of Barcelona. But as with any relationship there are ups and downs, positives and negatives. How many married couples divorce just to find out the next partner also leave their socks on the ground? How many friendships end because of distance, children, careers only for people to look back on their friendships with fondness and sadness?

I feel the same way about exercise, I am a loyal Pilates fan enjoying all the advantages it brings, strength, flexibility, balance. However, as an exercise junkie I long for the adrenaline rush of race, the willpower necessary in a body pump class and the meditation and peace from a yoga class, and this is where my eyes start to wonder.

At Simplybepilates, we like to think your one stop shop for Pilates and wellness in Barcelona we have opened our doors to you other exercise junkies without compromising our promise of quality small group and highly experienced teachers. Our collaborations include;



Availability: Please note that by booking a class with any of the applications that we collaborate with we will require you to contact Simplybepilates on 644316850 first to ensure that there is space in the class. We may not be able to inform you if the class is available until the same day.

Class level: We may refuse access to a class if the class is too advanced for you. An advanced class will not be suitable for beginners or a non-pregnancy class available for those pregnant. For your health we reserve the right to refuse access.

Check in: We require to see check in before the class starts and that the student arrives 5 minutes prior to the class so that we can familiarize you with the studio and avoid lateness once the class has started.

Simplybepilates you’re all in one shop for wellness and now we hope to be one of your exercise spots keeping that exercise junkie alive! For more information about our Pilates, Massage or Osteopathy service please feel free to WhatsApp, call or click here for more information.

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