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streching in Barcelona

Stretching classes in Barcelona

Improve your physical and mental wellbeing at Simplybe.

At Simply be, we offer stretching classes in Barcelona designed to improve your wellbeing and health. Our programmes are renowned for their benefits to the flexibility and mobility of the body.

Stretching sessions we offer

We offer a wide variety of stretching sessions to suit your needs and preferences. Our stretching experts will guide you through programmes designed to improve your flexibility, mobility and general wellbeing.

Personalised attention, tailoring exercises and stretches to your specific needs and goals.

Whether you are looking to improve your flexibility, relieve muscle tension or recover from injury, our individual sessions will provide you with a personalised and effective approach to achieving your goals.

If you prefer to train in a social environment, our group stretching sessions are the perfect option.

You’ll be able to share experiences and stay motivated by training in a group, not to mention that it’s a more economical option.

These programmes are designed to relieve muscle tension in these problem areas and prevent spinal related injuries.

Our osteopaths will help you through a series of specific exercises and stretches to improve the health of your neck and back.

Muscle stretching with pilates

We combine the benefits of muscle stretching with pilates technique, creating a complete and effective programme to keep your body in shape.

You will improve your body’s flexibility and mobility, which can help you prevent injuries and improve your posture.

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