Reformer classes (RC) are a form of strength training as the Pilates exercises are performed using resistence caused by the springs which lead to faster physical results. The springs in the machine can provide support for difficult exercises which means the muscles can be worked deeper.

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The Reformer is a very versatile machine, and the variations are endless, so you never get bored. There are many exercises that incorporate standing on the Reformer and these exercise transfer more directly to your daily activities.

There are  different levels of RC 

Beginners’ Classes
Suitable for those individuals who are moving onto Reformer after attending Mat classes or who have done an introductory session.  This is a basic level class that targets the whole body. 

Intermediate Classes
This class is suitable for those who have attended the introductory sessions or the beginners’ classes. The pace is moderate but challenging and will tone muscles, strengthen the core and provide an invigorating whole body workout.

Beginner and Essential. We recommend attending Matwork classes alongside your Reformer classes.

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Pilates is ever more popular in barcelona. The practise strems from the 40s when Pilates classes became popular with dancers, gymnasts and people in the performing arts, all taking reformer pilates classes. Now the benefits of Pilates are widespread and it is practiced by all types of people with positive results. Pilates in Barcelona is still new compared to other cities such as London, New York and Sydney but it is growing each year in popularity as reformer classes and various new types of mat classes such as Yoga-pilates fusion pop up.