Pre-natal Pilates

Nowdays we are living longer, medical advances allow us to recover from illnesses and injuries which we would not hav recovered from in previous years, Daily tasks such as watching television or driving in cars changes the way a body ages and and can hinder an mature persons ability to stay strong and healthy.

Exercise is important in any stage of life but more so as we pass 30. Pilates has an abundance of benifits which stem from the improvment of ones fitness, to helping reduce stress levels and general wellbeing.

Pilates works to defy and even reverse the aging processes as regular practice helps improve both posture and spinal health. With age we find the vertibre in our spines compressed from long periods of time sitting / standing, Pilates lengthens and loosens the spine which enhances the flexibility of back muscles and increases range of movement. Other benefits, include:

1. Maintaining muscle mass – which aging decreases.
2. A stronger body and increased range of movement
3. Increased flexibility for stiff joints
4. Better balance and co-ordination
5. Injury prevention and cure
7. New found energy and positive attitude.
8. Improved appetite and sleep patterns

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Pilates is ever more popular in barcelona. The practise strems from the 40s when Pilates classes became popular with dancers, gymnasts and people in the performing arts, all taking reformer pilates classes. Now the benefits of Pilates are widespread and it is practiced by all types of people with positive results. Pilates in Barcelona is still new compared to other cities such as London, New York and Sydney but it is growing each year in popularity as reformer classes and various new types of mat classes such as Yoga-pilates fusion pop up.Click Here