Pilates Post summer goals. Let us help you get motivated tips and offers

We all love summer holidays, well any holiday for that matter! They help us relax, declutter the mind, focus on an interest that we have been too busy for. However, sometimes these same periods can result in too much alcohol, big meals that might not be the healthiest choice, lack of sleep, jet lag and a lack of exercise.

Have you come back feeling lethargic? Gained a few pounds?  Don’t stress, focus on the present and define your Pilates post summer goals.

Get started!
At Simplybepilates we don’t lock you into a contract or ask for sign up fees, come and enjoy on your terms

Weigh yourself, or don’t
With regular Pilates Classes people find themselves reducing dress size rather than dropping kilos, feel strong and toned and slip into those winter clothes with ease.

Drink water, yes the old classic
Why is it an old classic because keeping hydrated is an appetite suppressant as well as a cleanse. You will look and feel healthier and guess what – waters free!

Healthy eating habits.
Go shopping for yummy fiber rich foods and make each meal a treat. Swap that restaurant dinner night for an evening learning something new or a Pilates class. I never hear anyone say they regret their workout.

Make sure your post summer goals are within your budget.


Sleep, snore and regenerate.
Set yourself an early bedtime and grab addition winks, give yourself the gift of energy and positive mindset.

Sharing is caring 
10% OFF YOUR PREFERED MEMBERSHIP when you sign up with a friend. Research shows exercising with a friend increases attendance, motivation and enjoyment. At Simplybepilates we love a friendly feeling in class.

Make sure your exercise routine fits in with your lifestyle.
We offer both evening and lunchtime group Pilate’s classes as well as private Yoga, Pilates Reformer and Mat classes for those who want to get personal with your post summer goals

Pilates Post summer goals

Whether you chose group or private classes we will help you to reach your goals in EVERY class. Our highly trained teacher will modify the exercises for you.

For more information about Pilates, healthy choices and reaching your Pilates Post summer goals click here