Positive health and wellness in Barcelona

Positive health and wellness treatments are treatments that focus on you and your self-development.  Health and wellness treatments allow you to live your life in the way you want to. Nowadays it is generally accepted that to be happy, both health and wellness should be valued and incorporated into our life’s.

Previous generations have divided health from wellness, differentiated by societies perception. Essential health treatments verses luxury wellness treatments.

In general health treatments were, and still is associated with necessity.

Society states that to be healthy we must exercise for example. To care for our health, we ought to have regular check-ups with a doctor or dentist. To be healthy we must maintain a certain weight and so on and so forth.

Wellness has been viewed as a more of a luxury and generally non-essential. Activities such as Pilates or Osteopathy have been considered more a “nice to do or have “rather than a health aid or solution. A massage has been considered a “treat”.

This dated “non-essential” view of wellness has been changing. Society has begun to realise that wellness treatments have always been and are almost always orientated to improve your health rather than a luxury. Wellness is defined as “the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.” By https://globalwellnessinstitute.org/what-is-wellness/

Why are Health and wellness treatments considered different.

Health treatments are generally an obligation, a part of our life’s routine. Wellness is incorporated into our life by ourselves as we create a life and lifestyle based on a set of our beliefs. These beliefs maybe ethical, spiritual, self-care or social or all of the above. For many of us these wellness choices are who you aspire to be.

To take Spiritual wellness for example, it doesn’t have to be conforming to a set of religious beliefs. Nor do you have to wake up and meditate every morning. Appreciating a sunset and taking time to enjoy it is also considered a form of modern spirituality.

You could say that spirituality has been “rebranded”. One trend that has allowed many people to experience spiritual wellness is Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a form of accessible wellness that can range from simply choosing to eat slower, allowing yourself to taste food better. Attending a yoga class, or just allowing yourself a 10-minute timeout every now and then before returning to “daily life”.

Many of us struggle with Emotional wellness.

Emotional wellness has been classified as the ability to make decisions and carry out actions with the minimal amount of stress and worry. Emotional wellness, or the lack of has led to many wellness treatments becoming a necessity for many people living in cities and developed countries. A massage for example was viewed as a luxury treatment for many years and now has crossed the line to a health treatment. This shift could be attributed to a lack of emotional wellness in society.

Social wellness is the importance to interact with friends and family.

Human engagement in groups is paramount to our overall state and wellness. As our society encourages screens, a strong work ethic and home workstations one’s sense of belonging can become challenged and effect our positive health and wellbeing

Physical wellness has become confused as the desire for the perfect figure fuelled by social media and celebrity has over run what actually is physical wellness. In India Hindus have long referred to the use of physical activity to ensure a healthy body, mind and soul. We understand, as physical therapists that physical wellbeing and health is the only way to avoid physical weakness and therefore illness due to lack of strength, flexibility and awareness. Physical health and wellness enable us to be better, whether it is helping us adopt good sleep patterns to encourage us with better food choices.

Positive health and wellness treatments can range from a classic massages therapy to dynamic Pilates classes. At our health and wellness centre we promote manual therapy such as Osteopathy which also offers advice on posture, nutrition and emotional aids. Our relaxation and therapeutic massage can help detox and destress as well as improve sleep patterns and digestive issues. We offer both rehabilitation and exercise Pilates classes to help you achieve your physical wellness goals on the mat or Pilate’s machine, the reformer.

All our Positive health and wellness treatments are face to face. We believe that health and wellness does depend on human contact. We try to offer balance.

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