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Pilates timetable Barcelona

Our recommendation: At SimplyBePilates we recommend your first Pilates class is a private class, though this is valuable for all, it is especially valuable for those who have a medical history or are pregnant. Private Pilates and yoga classes allow us to properly assess your posture and movement, and to prepare you for the group Pilates and yoga classes.

Structural Osteopathy and Massage sessions are booked at your convenience. Please let us know of a few times that you are available or morning / evening so we can offer you the appointment time you need straight away.

Please give 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel a class to allow us to monitor the class group sizes and allow you to recuperate your class another day.

For more information regarding our Pilates timetable Barcelona or to request a specific time for a Pilates and yoga classes or massage and Structural Osteopathy session please contact us here

Private pilates, yoga and personal training classes can be held at the studio or at home providing you live in Barcelona centre.

Pilates timetable Barcelona – Simplybe Pilates, Yoga, Structural Osteopathy and Masssage. All your health needs in one center. We also offer Massage at home and Osteopathy home visits. Ideal for those having problems coming to the studio or just living busy lives. All our Massage therapists and Osteopaths are vetted and highly trained and experienced.