A Pilates stability ball is an effective training tool as they provide an unstable Surface which forces the Pilates practitioner to use their core muscles, aid with back health and injury recovery as well as improving posture and muscle rebalance.

Pilates, for Back and spine health

Using a small Pilates stability ball offer the back support while exercising. This allows the Pilates practitioner to practice a wider range of exercise that would normally be too difficult or painful.

Thestability ball not only supports the back but also helps relieve tension in the back. Simply lying on the ball unblocks the fascia and relaxes tense and short muscle fibers.

Balls and foam rollers have been used by physio therapists for years as an essential aid for injury recovery.

Core stability

Many people ask what the “core” is. It is the stability muscles in your abdominals and back that support movement. Without these core stability muscles actions such as running, lifting can be prone to injury. These muscles are support muscles backing up the actions of your superficial muscles. https://www.dummies.com/health/exercise/reaping-the-benefits-of-using-an-exercise-ball/ have identified three core muscles as: Transverse abdominals, the deep abdominal muscles. The Multifidus, The deep rotator back muscles that support the lower back and finally the Quadratus Lumborum, the muscles that maintain spinal and pelvic balance.

A Pilates stability ball is ideal to train those hard to reach muscles that fail to get trained in the gym, lifting weights or equally superficial workouts.

Pilates stability balls also add resistance to exercises, many of which encourage pelvic floor activation as well as toning the body.


A Pilates stability ball can help you maintain the spines natural curves allowing everyone, not just the super strong, to train while in the correct postural position. This contemporary method of training has been adopted by not only Pilate’s instructors but Physiotherapist and osteopaths alike. Long gone are the days of training with you lower back pinned against the floor to protect the spine!

The Pilates stability ball also helps rebalance the body, training anterior and posterior muscles so that the different sides of the body are equally as strong. Muscle imbalance can cause long term injury and pain.

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