Pilate’s rehabilitation for scoliosis, how does it work?

Scoliosis can be caused by genetics, incorrect development such as; bad nutrition or over training at a young age, an accident, pregnancy, short leg syndrome as well as lifestyle factors such as bad posture. Pilate’s rehabilitation for scoliosis can help correct the body irrespective of the cause of the problem.

There are two types of scoliosis; muscular (chronic muscle shorting) and structural (where the spine has self-adjusted in rotation and / or flexion). Pilates can help with both types especially in realigning the spine to re-balance muscular deviations. At Simplybe pilates Barcelona we recommend osteopathy sessions alongside the Pilates rehabilitation classes for structural scoliosis. The combination of Osteopathy and Pilates is fast and effective.

Pilate’s rehabilitation for scoliosis.

To treat a patient it is helpful to have an x ray however, not always necessary. Tests include checking the shoulders height, comparing the shoulder blades, hips, bum, spinal flexion and lateral flexion. These tests are to identify which side of the body is “short” and which is “overextended”.

The first stage of Pilate’s rehabilitation for scoliosis involves warming up the muscle chain from the neck to the bum on the Pilates reformer machine.

Focusing on the “short” side of the body where the muscles are tense Pilates stretches from the knees to the shoulder blades accompanied by light rotation exercises and stretches in the upper back area.

The other side of the body, the side of the body that is convex (the long side) it is important to separate the shoulder blade (sub scapular and rhomboids) from the vertebra’s. Additional opening exercises for the rib area include lateral flexion, flexion and rotation exercises. Side exercises on the box or in low plank can be used to re balance the thoracic area.

The super scapular and neck are stretched and space opened focusing on shoulder blade placements, one of the 5 principles of Pilates. Classic exercises such as neck pulls are incorporated in the treatment and offered as a program to do at home.

The lumber spine is treated in flexion and lateral flexion working against resistance. Roll ups and lunges are ideal Pilates exercises for Pilate’s rehabilitation for scoliosis because we can work the body in one way on one side and differently on the other side.

The Pilates reformer has over 500 exercises. In Simplybe our Pilates instructors have trained as Osteopaths and can offer you Pilate’s rehabilitation for scoliosis combined with osteopathy. Simplybe Pilates Barcelona is your one stop shop for health and wellness. Click here to book your first session and get on the road to recovery!