Pilates for scoliosis in Barcelona

Looking for a natural solution for scoliosis in Barcelona, our Pilates centre offers a specialised approach to rehabilitation.

Our practitioners use Pilates exercises specifically designed to address scoliosis, providing a comprehensive and personalised approach to pain relief and posture improvement with our sessions.

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Pilates Rehabilitation

Our Pilates rehabilitation programmes are designed to suit your individual needs, combining strengthening, flexibility and balance exercises to improve your fitness and promote effective recovery.

We focus on providing Pilates sessions for scoliosis, our services will improve the quality of life of our clients.

Rehabilitation Classes we offer

Individual sessions: personalised attention tailored to your needs to maximise your results in an environment focused on you”.
At home: comfort and convenience in your own space so you can enjoy your Pilates, massage and osteopathy sessions without leaving home.
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enjoy relaxation and stress relief with our professional massage options to complement your physical and mental wellbeing.”


a holistic body therapy to address your body alignment and balance needs, as part of our complete approach to healthcare
In order to treat a patient it is helpful to have an x-ray, however it is not essential. Tests that are performed include checking the back, under the shoulder blade, hips, buttocks. Flexion and inflection tests are incorporated to identify which side of the body is shorter and which is over-extended.

The first phase of Pilates rehabilitation for scoliosis includes a warm-up of the muscle chain from the neck to the buttocks with the Pilates reformer machine.

Focusing on the “short” side of the body where the muscles are tight, Pilates stretches are performed from the hips to the shoulder blade. We will accompany these with gentle rotational exercises and stretches in the upper back area.

On the other side of the body, the side of the body that is convex (the long side), it is important to separate the shoulder blade (the subscapularis and rhomboids) from the vertebrae. Additional opening exercises for the rib area include flexion, inflection and rotation exercises. Lateral exercises in the rib cage or “low plank” position can be used to balance the thoracic area.