Pilates reformer

The pilates reformer machines were designed by Joseph Pilates which offer over 280 exercises and variations of Pilates exercises. This machine was created with the aim giving the pilates practision more variety and harmony in the movements. Through its spring system, grips, and pulleys practising pilates machine, the reformer can adapt to the resistance you need in your workout.

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The benefits that can be obtained from the use of Pilates with machines, especially the pilates Reformer which helps us to improve the performance, power, strength, tone, elasticity, our coordination, dexterity … There are many types of pilates  machines, all have their own funcionality. The reformer offers supports which provide various levels of resistance to the exercise routine. In short we can control the strength we want to use in each year, according to our physical condition or our training.

Furthermore, working on a pilates reformer machine means you can work various parts of the body simultaneously. This helps to increase our concentration, and we must coordinate the movements, and reinforces our stress reduction. After 10 sessiones using a pilates reformer machines, we see people walking taller, bad postual traits corrected and muscle regeneration lost from injury. In fact, the practice of both Mat pilates and Pilates reformer gives us vitality and strength.

The pilates reformer machines allows us to make more precise muscular exercises using resistance. When performing muscular work we are stimulating the circulation of our body, and this helps us to reduce the occurrence of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, cardiovascular problems, among others.

It is recommended that people who want to start using the pilates reformer or any pilates with machines, have some knowledge of Pilates, and obtain advice from an instructor to prevent injuries and get all you can out of the exerises.

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