Pilates reduces siatica pain with a few sessiones

Pilates has long been acknowledged as an effective treatment for people suffering from siatica and has helped many people overcome their statica pain.

In general siatica is caused  by one of two conditions or a mix of both. A hernia can cause siatica pain. A hernia is a condition where the inside of the vertebra disc has leaked out and causes a pinching feeling as the vertibres move,. A hernia is painful in its own right. A hernia can also reduce the space between the vertibras, this space is needed for the siatical nerve to pass down the spinal column and through to the hips. The lack of space can also be the cause of pain as the nerve is being constantly pinched.

A stronger back will help reduce the amount of pressure the hernia produces as the muscles are able to hold the back in its nuetral alignment and therefore the vertibras well spaced out. The reduction in the compression caused by the hernia and vertebra stacked too close together reduces the amount of pain.  Pilates for siatica pain

For many clients I treat clients with siatica and hernia on all fours or even lying face down rather than standing. In my opinion, as a pilates instructor, I beleive that where possible, it is worth avoiding working to strengthen the lower back region while the client is standing. In my experience pilates reduces staitica when the correct exercises are selected and carried out correctly.

The second main cause of siatica is when the piriformis muscle is contracted or “tight”. If the piriformis muscle is tight it pushes against the siatica nerve and causes discomfort. In this case pilates works to stretch out the said muscle eliviating pain and the sensation of  feeling “stiff”

Again pilates stretches can be performed on a mat or reformer. Small pieces of equipement should be used to allow the patient to reach the stretch slowly and will minimal discomfort. Correct stretching and pilates can reduce staitica pain in just a few sessiones.

For more information regarding hernias or siatica problems and how pilates can help you reduce pain click here. 

We do recommend that any serious medical problems ought to be treated in a private classes and we may insist that your first class be private for us to be able to make a correct assessemnt of the problem. We may refuse people with serious medical conditions entrance into some or all group classes.

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