Pilates pregnancy classes are your best option for you and your baby to be.

Pilates pregnancy classes help you stay fitter you are during pregnancy. Being in shape will enable you to adapt to the physical changes during pregnancy, not to mention the extra kilos. Staying fit and active also lends itself to an easier labor and faster “bounce back” to your previous body.

But none of this is new, we know that exercising during pregnancy is a must rather than should do. In fact the NHS actually state that women who are active during pregnancy are “less likely to experience problems in later pregnancy and labor”.  So get motivated, for you and your baby to be. Click here for more advice about exercise in pregnancy offered by the NHS. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/pregnancy-exercise/

Keeping up your routine is recommended within certain parameters and for the duration that you feel capable. At a point your exercise routine will need to be modified to account for factors such as, the lack reduction in mobility and the weight of the bump. The general rule, suggested by the NHS, is that your heart rate should be over exerted. The easy way to observe this rule is that you should be able to hold a conversation while you exercise

Why Pilates pregnancy classes and what is the difference apart from the heart rate? The difference is HOW you exercise. Changing your routine to accept and match you’re new capabilities and including exercise techniques such as Pilates which complements your pregnancy and exercise routine.

Why Pilates pregnancy classes? A pregnancy Pilate’s class includes Pilate’s exercises suitable for pregnancy and are adapted to each trimester of your pregnancy.

Pilates pregnancy classes include:

Abdominal exercises performed in a safe and controlled manner strengthening the abdominal wall with risk of abdominal separation.

Lower back and bum exercises and stretches which offering relief from lower back pain as well as strengthening your body so you can remain active and enjoy your pregnancy.

Pelvic floor exercises. One of the benefits of choosing Pilates is the incorporation of Pelvic floor exercises into each exercise.

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