Pilates postural and wellness classes are on offer in most Cosmopolitan city’s in the world.

It is not a coincidence that Pilates postural and wellness classes are on the up as what was once called a fad is more and more being taken seriously by fitness lovers to those recovering from injury.

Why does Pilates work? Pilates is a controlled exercise system that WORKS by the body using its “core”. The core being the abdominal and back muscles, used in conjunction with the pelvic floor and the diaphragm.

The slow controlled movements are designed to incorporate the cores during each and every exercise leaving the practitioner stronger, more flexible and with a sense of calm and even heightened awareness of their body and thoughts.

The exercises focus on improving ones posture by working the deeper muscles that stabilise the joints. This is done by ensuring that the practitioner is holding themselves correctly during the exercises and by activating the core. This attention to detail during each and every exercise ensures that the body is working holistically, from the crown of the head to the toes, making Pilates an effective exercise method and rehabilitation method.

Muscles strengthen, alongside the awareness of ones body allows a Pilates posture and wellness classes to be effective showing results from 5 private pilates posture and wellness classes and by 10 for group pilates posture and wellness classes.

As an instructor have received many comments from new clients, that even after a single class the clients pain has been reduced and an increase range of movement is felt, a sense of being unblocked!

It has been recognised that Pilates aids the functionality of our nervous system as stronger healthier posture allows the nerves to flow freely. Therefore, pilates encourages not only physical healing and well being but also reduces problems such as headaches and poor circulation.

At simplybepilates we offer a range of classes, some that specialise in postural correction. However, all our classes have a strong focus on Pilates as a means of improve ones posture and wellness.

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