Postural Pilates and wellness classes are on offer in many cosmopolitan cities around the world, and the number of studios opening is increasing every year.

Postural correction classes

Pilates helps the functioning of the nervous system, as a stronger and healthier posture allows the nerves to flow more freely.

The exercises focus on improving the structure of the skeleton, by working on the deeper muscles that stabilise your joints, but not only does it promote physical health, it also promotes mental health by reducing stress levels.

Our postural correction classes

Why does Pilates work? Pilates is a controlled system of exercises that works through the body using the abdominal and back muscles, used in conjunction with the pelvic floor and diaphragm.

We offer a variety of postural correction classes. We use Pilates as a tool to improve the skeletal-muscular structure, thus improving posture and well-being. Some of the postural correction classes we offer are:

  • Individual classes
  • Group classes
  • For pregnant women

Are you looking for back rehabilitation and postural correction classes in Barcelona? Let me tell you that the slow and controlled movements are designed to incorporate the functionalities of the core, during each of the exercises. This benefits the practitioner by gaining strength, flexibility and a sense of calmness and increased body awareness.

It is important to ensure that the person holds their posture correctly during the exercise, and by activating their core.

By paying attention to detail during each exercise, we ensure that the body is working in a holistic way, from the crown of the head to the toes, making Pilates an effective exercise and rehabilitation method that is becoming more and more fashionable every year.