What works best for you, Pilates or Weight Training?

There are many problems when it comes to getting in shape, one of which is not knowing how to take the first step and decide on the right type of exercise for your body. A lot of people know that exercise is important to stay healthy but don’t know exactly how. Exercises routines such as Pilates or weight training will help your health but due to lack of knowledge. people often end up choosing the wrong type of exercise. One that won’t give them exactly what they need to reach their goals.

In this article, we will focus on explaining what each of these training methods is about. Hopefully you will know which one to turn to depending on your needs. You should know that both Pilates and Wieght traning have great advantages, but only when they are part of a correct and well-structured training routine.

Pilates or Weight Training? All you need to know

Before choosing between Pilates or Weight Training, you should know what each one is about; what are their objectives, and what methods they offer to achieve them.

The Pilates method is a mental and physical training system created in the early 20th century by Joseph Hubertus Pilates. Its objective is to develope and stregthen our bodies deeper muscles. These muscles guarantee body balance as well as focusing on firming and strengthening the spine. Pilates is widely used in fitness and rehabilitation alike and is adapted to each patient separately.

Weight training, on the other hand, relys on effective muscle strengthening to stay fit. It can be performed using your own body weight, free weights, or machines. It consists of exercises that are based on resistance and repetition to develop and increase the strength of the muscles in order to grow. It is widely used for purely aesthetic purposes, although it also contributes to the increase in serotonin in the brain.

However, before opting for Pilates or weight training, it is prudent to emphasize that both training methods can be perfectly compatible. Today, for example, several elite footballers integrate both into their exercise routine: weight training helps them stay fit and be more resistant, while with Pilates they gain core strength, flexibility and control.

Although almost anyone can practice Pilates or weight training. Depending on your body you dont have to opt for one or the other. Read more about this here. https://www.girlsgonestrong.com/blog/articles/why-pilates-and-lifting-weights-arent-mutually-exclusive/

How do you know what is best?

The Pilates method is ideal for injury recovery. developeing muscles and tone without bulk. Pilates tones your figure and  increases your strength progressively without damaging the muscles. Unlike weight training no specialized meal plans and scheduled breaks are necessary to achieve faster results. The reason being is that the body is not tested to its limits in the same way. In addition the breathing technique aid muscle recovery during the class.

Both are demanding methods and require a degree of physical energy, so it is necessary to to train with a professional. Professional guidence is especially important at first to ensure you get the most from your training routine and to prevent injuries.

Therefore, the next time you decide to start an exercise routine, have a chat with the professionals and let us help you choose between or the balance between Pilates or Weight training to give your body what it needs. Feel free to contact us via whatsapp 644316850 or click here to send us a message