Pilates is physical therapy and has been used for physical therapy since the day Joseph Pilates formulated the concept of Pilates. 

 Joseph Pilates used to work in a hospital and it was here that he started testing Pilates which in those days he called Contrology. Contrology was found to have great success helping patients regain physical health after injury as well as the recovery process after an operation. 

 Joshep Pilates was a forward-thinking man and as he learnt more and more about biomechanics and improved his Pilates method he also learnt ¡t a number of new founded rehabilitation concepts. One of which was the idea of starting physical therapy while the patient was still recovering. he was one of the pioneers who started treating patients while the body is healing. the physical therapy helped speed up the healing process and reducing recovery time.

Why has Pilates become mainstream as a form of physical therapy?

 Pilates exercises are more flexible than traditional physically therapy exercises. They can be modified not only to accommodate the patient’s strength but also the patient’s body type. Previously different exercises were given by physical therapists. Some harder some easier depending on the patients’ needs and abilities. However, none of these exercises were designed to adapt to a patient’s body type.

Pilates is physical therapy and as a Pilates instructor we learn about the therapuetic aspect of Pilates for all body types. For example: military, sway back, straight spine etc and we understand that the Pilates exercises offered to patients need to account for these differences in body shape. Ignoring a patient’s body shape can lead to at best little recovery and at worse further injury. We adapt physical therapy using Pilates according to stage of recovery, body shape and ability.

 Pilates is often associated with machines such as the reformer and the Pilates chair. However, it is not necessary to teach Pilates on these Pilates machines to have positive results. In fact, I encourage people who have never Practised Pilates to start on a Mat. Pilates is physical therapy and like other forms of physical therapy the technique needs to be learnt and that means the exercises need to be practiced regually for them to have posative results .Most people who need physical therapy don’t have the time or money to attend a traditional therapist. However as Pilates is physical therapy it can work out more economical as a good Pilates studio will offer Pilates rehabilitation classes in group. Saving you money. Both physical therapists will offer an exercise routine as a standard as part of a rehabilitation program.

 During my time as a Pilates instructor and owner of Simplybepilates I have seen many people turn to Pilates as a form of physical therapy. Those who have dedicated the time and learnt the method have had noticeable sucess at best and at worst bettered their situation. Often, we see a complete recovery.

 Many Physical therapists are looking to Pilates for additional techniques and exercises to bring to their patients. We are reading about many trials showing that Pilates is as good as traditional physical therapy and it here is research to prove it. Here is an intertesting example of Pilates used for mulyiple scolerosis. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/297239965_Pilates_exercise_training_vs_physical_therapy_for_improving_walking_and_balance_in_people_with_multiple_sclerosis_A_randomized_controlled_trial. Pilates has been around for nearly a decade which is in itself a testimonial to its effectiveness.

 As a wellness centre we often encourage our clients to combine Pilates as a form of physical therapy with other holistic treatments that we offer. We have experienced great results combining Pilates with therapeutic massage and Pilates with Osteopathy. the combination of these treatments speeds up recovery process and gives results!

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