Pilates is not a fad, its everywhere, London, USA. Where ever you go Pilates is there!

Pilates is not a fad it’s a form of exercise that was originally developed by Joseph Pilates and used to be called controlology. Needless o say Pilates is about control and activating every muscle as well as a breathing technique during a Pilates class. Pilates it’s here to stay because of its success as part of a fitness routine, form of rehabilitation or tool for injury prevention.

A Pilate’s class can be held on a mat or on a reformer designed to help people with injuries or those who have a high level of physical control. Simplybepilates offers both types of Pilates.

Pilates is not just exercise it is a technique that takes time to learn and for that reason our group mat Pilates classes have five to 8 people in the class so you get the attention you need in class and learn the technique correctly.

Our private classes are ideal for rehabilitation or injury prevention. You have the teacher for yourself and work according to your body’s capabilities and to reach your own goals.

We focus on the main principles of pilates; Head placement, Shoulder placement, Rib cage placement, hip stability and placement and the breathing technique. These principles are incorporated into every pilates exercise in every class.

Pilates is available in gyms, yoga studio and even Pilate’s classes are offered in parks. However, at Simplybepilates we offer a specialized service with expertly trained teachers in a studio ideal to practice Pilates.

We teach in English and Spanish and offer additional services such as massage and osteopathy to complement our Pilates classes weather you are taking Pilates mat classes or Pilates reformer classes.

So weather you are on holidays or living in the city, come to Simplybepilates and try our studio in the heart of Barcelona. Click here for more information

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