Pilates increases muscle strength and leaves you toned.

Pilates is practiced to strengthen muscles, It is proven that practicing pilates helps strengthen muscles, tone, helps relaxation and flexibility. Pilates also helps coordination and weight loss.

Pilates was originally designed to help sick people regain their strength by using bed strings and frames as resistance machines. Many people now days also use Pilates to recover from injury as well as prevent injury. All ages and all levels of fitness can benefit from pilates from professional athletes to your average joe. A strong body is a fit body. Pilates increases muscle strength
Studies have shown that professional’s cyclists have improved their strength when combining Pilates with their normal training routine. Click here to see some examples of where Pilates has helped and improved strength training!
We also encourage Pilates in conjunction with Osteopathy and / or massage for injury prevention as well as rehabilitation. At simplybepilates we find that the combination of the sessions work well together and achieve faster results.

Essentially a massage or osteopathy treatment will help overcome blockages and tightness. The pilates helps strengthen muscles so that the body become retrained and blockages and tension is not ceases to be a re occurring problem. Pilates increases muscle strength

Pilates works all the muscles in the body, especially those that are normally overlooked such as the smaller postural muscles. The smaller, deeper muscles can end up redundant as larger muscles start to perform their function which can lead to long term structural issues. Osteopathy works to free up blockages and massage helps relieve tension for over stressed muscles.

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