Pilates improves sleep quality as well as reducing the levels of daytime sleepiness.

Numerous studies show that lack of sleep is a common problem among adolescents and adults. Sleeplessness has a number of triggers such as; stress, a hectic lifestyle or even something as simple as using technology before bedtime.

Irregular sleeping habits not only affects our lives, but also our physical and mental health.

The concept that Pilates improves sleep quality is supported by research which shows that while the body exercises the mind relaxes among other contributing factors

Pilates improves sleep quality by lowering stress, which is a  main cause of sleep disorders. The breathing technique and consciousness tends to have a De-stressing effect on practitioners.

Physical exercise such as Pilates also tires the body which also aids sleep. Pilates is a an effective form of exercise that is normally practiced slowly and with precision. The physical effort and concentration tends to tire the mind and body into a positive state of relaxation.

It has long been demonstrated that physical activity improves a persons sleep and therefore their quality of life. We have all felt grumpy and irritable due to lack of sleep and general tiredness. Take up pilates and avoid those restless nights and the horrible side effects.

The practice of Pilates, is establishing itself as a powerful non-pharmacological intervention to improve sleep patterns. People who suffer from occasional insomnia or sleep disorders should try practicing Pilates to improve sleep quality both during the night and sleepiness during the day.

So if you’re looking to improve your mood and enjoy a good night’s sleep do not forget that Pilates improves the quality of sleep!

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