Pilates helps weight loss and burns fat?

Essentially Pilates was designed as a form of rehabilitation and / or exercise for athletes and dancers. It has become popular in the world of fitness because the technique has proved to be so successful at postural improvement, weight loss and a range of other benefits such as improved muscle tone.

It is known that people who spend their time stationary burn less calories than those who are more active. A Pilate’s class looks slow as the movements are conscious and controlled but despite appearances a Pilate’s class will raise your heart beat enough to burn fat but not too much so that your metabolism goes into “cardio”. To burn fat ones heart rate needs to be elevated to no more than 65% for the average person and this rate needs to be maintained for longer than 20 minutes. Pilates helps weight loss and fat burn with a controlled diet.

Pilates helps weight loss and fat burn whether you sign up to group and / or private classes. Smaller classes ensure you are corrected during the exercises getting the most out of each class and help you to reach your Pilates weight loss and fat burn goals.

How do I get the shape I want?

Have you ever gone on a diet and lost a few kilos only to find you have new problems such as; loose skin? bulges in places where the fat has not left your body in the same ratio as other places?

That’s where Pilates can help. Pilate’s tones the body pulling in the organs and core muscles so that you lose overall size and bulk. Those who practice Pilates gain longer leaner bodies. Its fair to say that practicing Pilates helps weight loss and reduces bulk.

Toning allows us to decide how we want our bodies to look, to create the shape we want. The combination of weight loss and toning (building long lean muscles) is what increases your metabolism which, in turn allows the body to run at a faster rate keeping the weight off and the body appear toned. Pilates helps lose weight and burn fat even when you are not in a Pilate’s class by increasing your metabolism.

A private reformer Pilate’s class or Group Mat class with bands and resistance training is great for helping you sculpt your body and get the shape you want. To experience how Pilates helps weight loss and fat burn or for more information regarding our private reformer classes or Pilates MAT group classes click here

Lose weight and get the shape you want with Pilates