¿ how does Pilates help people who suffer from scoliosis?

Firstly we have to ask ourselves: What is scoliosis and how does Pilates help people who suffer from scoliosis?

Scoliosis is not considered to be an illness and can vary from mild to chronic. In fact it is fair to say that all of us have mild scoliosis which has, in most cases, no effect in our lives. However, chronic scoliosis can have a tremendous effect on the life of the person as the bones in the back, the vertebra are situated out of neutral (normal) alignment. Pilates helps people with scoliosis wheater it be cronic scoliosis or mild scoliosis

To identify scoliosis one would look for 3 tell tell signs. Scoliosis is the misalignment of the spine when in lateral flex, in rotation and / or humps in the back. Regular pilates help realign the spine thus correcting the bones that have become out of place. Pilates works to bring the body back to ideal alignment, in serve cases it is not possible correct the spine, but certainly results have been seen time and time again where the patients spine has been brought into a more neutral alignment. In short pilates can help a person suffering from scoliosis by reducing the pain as well as lengthening the spine.

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on 5 key points of the body that when situated correctly below and above the other body parts allow the body to work correctly and without pain or complications. The key points pilates focuses on are: Neck placement, Spine, Pelvis, Rib placement and breathing. Each exercise is performed with these key body parts aligned and engaged. When these key focus points are mastered during the pilates exercises we see a visible physical and mental strengthening and the reduction or disappearance of muscular and skeleton aches and pains.

Pilates also gives the practitioner a heightened sense of awareness of their body’s as the exercises command control and consciousness. In turn people start to sit straighter and move better out of the pilates classes applying these new found skills in daily life.

One thing which is clear: Pilates helps people with scoliosis or other types of back pain, Pilates does help reduce the pain as well as preventing many back conditions from deteriating. We recommend coming to 10 pilates classes to see for yourself what Pilates can do for your back pain.  For more information click here