Health experts recommend Pilates for people with osteoporosis to help them recover some bone density, prevent injuries and strengthen the body.

Osteoporosis is a skeletal disease characterized by gradual bone loss, that leads to increased fragility and fracture risk and injury. Although there are inevitable risk factors (genetics, menopause, lack of calcium ..) occupational therapists have found that osteoporosis occurs reasonable early in people as opposed to a common believe that it is a desease for the elderly.

One of the causes is the lack of exercise coupled with a sedentary life . The disease is typical of both men and women, however, as women over 50 have less bone density and their bones are at a higher risk of fracture. A breakage may occur spontaneously or by a small movement such as knocking oneself against a chair or door. Once diagnosed the disease is important to help combat with professional techniques like Pilates for people with osteoporosis.

Research has shown multiple benefits in patients with osteoporosis who practice pilates: Increased strength, the increased confidence,  improved body alignment and flexibility, bones and joints suffer less pressure, improved posture and balance, improved circulation and promotes the fixation of calcium in bones, improves resistance for clients as it helps prevent osteoporosis and reduce bone loss in those who already have it.

Patient safety is paramount with osteoporosis: * The patient must have medical clearance to practice pilates and we at simplybepilates insist on a private class to make a correct and complete assessment beofre allowing patients to join group classes.

Pilates: bands, balls, a person with osteoporosis to perform pilates exercises. If you have osteoporosis and want to exercise try pilates

Pilates for people with osteoporosis will help you improve your quality of life. Click here for more information or to book a class. At Simply Pilates we be professionalism that you need at the heart of Barcelona.