Chose Pilates for obesity with Simplybepilates in Barcelona!

Pilates can help people suffering from obesity from both physically and emotionally.

People can chose Pilates for obesity to correct many of the physical problems obesity causes. For example; Pilates works to realign postural imbalance caused by excessive weight gain. The longer the person is obese the more the body will fight to maintain its correct structure, but the over time this will be a losing battle. Pilates for obesity will allow an obese person to walk straighter and have easier range of movement.

Another physical reason that people chose Pilates for obesity is to elevate pressure on one knees, feet, back and neck. Many people suffer from pain I these delicate points of the body from daily life. However, people suffering from Obesity suffer from these problems and compensate with strength in their legs and arms. It is for this reason that an abdominal focused class such as Pilates works wonders for obese people as it focuses on the parts of the body that most needs help.

Pilates also creates body awareness and consciousness. It is not often, after a Pilate’s class students crave something unhealthy to eat. This frame of mind, new consciousness and sense of wellness one experiences after a Pilates class can contribute to a less emotional choice at lunch or dinner time.

Pilates for obesity and better body image. Once the body starts to work well and move correctly with co-ordination we can see not only improvements to perform day to day tasks but also with body image. The better the body image and the functionality of the body the more we feel good and want to enjoy being us in our bodies. More Pilates for obesity!

Anatomically, an obese body usually has some problems when performing the Pilates exercises at the beginning. This is often due to a lack of body awareness and a lack of experience. This can be demotivating for many obese people and many give up before finding that awareness, strength and flexibility originally sought. At Simplybepilates we help each and every student to find that awareness, and reassure all students that Pilates is a technique, therefore a little time, is needed. From a teaching point of view we encourage everyone to connect with their breath and body as a whole as well as recognize isolated movement and muscle engagement.

Pilates can be a gentle form of exercise when first taught to beginners, with use of equipment used such as mats, balls, and reformers bands to help to client perform the exercises.

It is recommended that the first class be a private class for obese people so that the teacher can highlight any specifically areas or weaknesses that the client should think about in mind when joining group classes.

At simplybepilates we hold small groups available for all body types and levels in our centrally located studio in the center of Barcelona

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