Why are we seeing Pilates foam rollers in more and more Pilate’s studios? It’s simple, Pilate’s foam rollers are a great tool for a Pilates exercise class from both a rehabilitation and exercise perspective.

Pilates foam roller reduce aches and pains, especially knee and back pain. Pilate’s foam rollers tend to be smooth and made from a plastic called EVA which is slightly harder than foam. This means we can use the Pilates foam rollers to help us improving our mobility, stability and flexibility.

Many people who attend Pilate’s classes suffer from knee and back pain which is often caused by short tight muscles in the hip area mainly the Glutes, IT band and Quads. In these cases the Pilates foam roller can be used as a massage tool combining rolling techniques with stretching and exercising so your muscles can be as healthy as they can!

Students are shown how to use the Pilates foam roller, warming and stretching muscles, essentially massaging the muscle and relieving muscle tension while exercising.

A Pilate’s foam roller can help create a more dynamic challenging Pilates class encouraging balance and stability. This can be great for intermediate and advance Pilates practitioners who want to take their practice that step further.

A Pilate’s foam roller can also slow a class down. The Pilates foam roller encourages flexibility, positions that often encourage the body to be still and relax. These flexibility sections of the class also help create those famous Pilates long lean muscles.

Some Pilate’s classes focus more on the rolling than the exercising making creating a more therapeutic Pilate’s class more than a straight forward exercise class. These types of classes have a knock on effect of calming the mind and destressing.

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